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How to file a claim for

The things you need to know before you make a claim

Check your claim is eligible
It’s always a good idea to first check that your policy covers your claim. The quickest and easiest way to do this is via FWD eServices, our customer app. Or feel free to give us a call on 3123 3344.

Send us your claim within 30 days
Please submit your claim within 30 days of the event you’re claiming for.

Points to note

  • It’s important that you do not enter into any third-party correspondence or admit any third-party liability without first discussing with us.
  • Try to record the particulars of any injured party and the nature of any loss or injury. If you have suffered injury or loss, please report the case to the police immediately, and obtain a reference number.


  • Police report / statement from the police
  • Proof of currency exchange rate (e.g. bank statement, exchange receipt, cash withdrawal slip). If this cannot be provided, we will use the exchange rate we publish.
For this plan, there is no claim form. Instead, simply submit your documents and send us a note with your policy number and what are you claiming for.
Please include any legal letters, legal claims, writs of summons or letters from any third parties or Government Officials. Please do this as soon as possible so that we can help you follow the correct procedure.
By mail
By mail

Thanks for completing the claims process.

As soon as we receive your claim, we'll let you know. We'll do this within five working days of receiving your claim either via by SMS, email or post (please allow for any postal delays via the mail service).

If you’ve bought your plan via an agent, you’ll receive this notification from your agent, according to how they normally communicate with you.

If we need additional information from you, we will let you know – either by post or via your agent if applicable.

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