Employee compensation claims

I want to file an employee compensation claim

If you're an employee looking for compensation, you need to first speak to your employer's HR team or (if you can't find resolution) speak to the Labour Department.

Helpful notes to HR teams
Note that if an employee suffers injury or loss of life as a result of an accident while they’re working, employers will be liable to financially compensate for this (under the "Employees' Compensation Ordinance” law).

Check the claim is eligible
It’s always a good idea to first check that the policy covers the claim. The quickest way to do this is by checking the original paperwork. Or feel free to give us a call on 3123 3123.

Send us the claim within 30 days
Please submit your claim within 30 days of the event you’re claiming for.

Points to note

  • It’s important that employees don’t enter into any third-party correspondence or admit any third-party liability without first discussing with us.
  • Employees are advised to keep any accident report and/or witness statement
  • Employers should notify the Labour Department with a signed and completed Form 2/2B/2A within 14 days (within seven days in case of any loss of life (death). This timeline should be observed if employers witness any accident (regardless of whether they think it’s serious or even if anyone is in doubt of its validity). Click here to find more details and forms. Or download “a concise guide to Employee’s Compensation Ordinance“ provided by Hong Kong’s Labour department.
  • For injuries involving temporary incapacity exceeding three days, employers should inform the Labour Department (Occupational Medicine Unit) regarding the recovery of the injured employee. After the employee resumes duty, they can proceed with medical clearance by submitting their medical certificate records to the Labour Department. The Commissioner for Labour will assess the compensation payable and issue both employer and employee a Certificate of Assessment & Demand note (for prosthesis and surgical appliance cost), also known as Form 5 and/or Form 7, Form 6, and Form 9. Please submit these forms as soon as they’re received..


  • Employee’s identity document
  • Form 2/2B/2A that you submitted to the Labour Department

If the claims relates to incapacity, we’ll also need the following documents:


  • Your employee's sick leave certificate(s). These certificates should include your employee’s full name, the nature of the sickness / any diagnosis, the date(s) of consultation / treatment, recommended sick leave period. This must be issued by a registered medical practitioner, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or a registered dentist, with their signature and chop
  • All medical receipts, including any follow-up treatment(s). For example, medical expense receipts issued by the attending doctor / registered medical practitioner / Chinese bonesetter / acupuncturist. All receipts should include the employee’s full name, the nature of the sickness / any diagnosis, any treatment information, the date of consultation, the amount billed for any medical service (itemised) and the attending doctor’s signature and chop.
  • Documentary Payment Record stating the compensation paid to the injured employee, acknowledged and signed by the injured employee
  • Any Certificate of Assessment & Demand note (Form 5/6/7/9) issued by the Commissioner for Labour
  • Any relevant legal document(s)

If your claims relate to loss of life, you will also need to submit the following documents:


  • Death certificate
  • Letter of administration
  • Cancellation of employee’s HKID card proof


  • You’re advised to keep any accident report and/or witness statement(s)
  • Please submit the originals of all sick leave certificates and receipts for medical expenses and any follow-up treatment as soon as possible. You’re also advised to keep copies. Unfortunately no further documents will be accepted after the case is finalised.
For this type of claim, there’s no claim form. Instead, please send the documents we’ve requested either to us (our details are below) or to your agent.Please include any legal letters, legal claims, or summons. Please also include any letters from third parties or government officials. If you need help, feel free to give us a call on 3123 3123.
By mail
By mail

Thanks for completing the claims process.

As soon as we receive your claim, we'll let you know. We'll do this within five working days of receiving your claim either via by SMS, email or post (please allow for any postal delays via the mail service).

If you’ve bought your plan via an agent, you’ll receive this notification from your agent, according to how they normally communicate with you.

If we need additional information from you, we will let you know – either by post or via your agent if applicable

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