Critical illness claims

I want to file a claim

The things you need to know before you make a claim
If you have a personal insurance plan with us, please head to our dedicated personal insurance claims page.

Check your claim is eligible
It’s always a good idea to first check that your policy covers your claim. The quickest and easiest way to do this is via FWD eServices, our customer app. Or feel free to give us a call on 3123 3123.

Contact HR
Check with your HR department on their preferred claims procedure.

Send us your claim within 90 days
Please submit the completed claim form with all supporting documents within 90 days of either the date of diagnosis or any surgery covered by your insurance plan.


  • Your Identity card
  • Proof of last three month’s salary


  • Continuous sick leave certificates (in other words, the certificate should indicate one unbroken length of time that you’ve been unable to work due to sickness)
  • Employment letter
By mail
By mail

Thanks for completing the claims process.

As soon as we receive your claim, we'll let you know. We'll do this within five working days of receiving your claim either via by SMS, email or post (please allow for any postal delays via the mail service).

If we need additional information from you, we will let you know – either by email or via your HR if applicable.

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When will you pay me?


How will you pay me?


Who do I speak to if I have a question on my claim?

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We have 'how to claim' guides for all types of insurance plans. Simply select from one of the options below.

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