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FWD strives relentlessly for excellence in claims servicing. As the first insurer with a team of professionally trained and assessed Nobel Agents authorized to pre-approve claims applications, we bring our customers a more flexible and privileged claims experiences.

Our noble agents

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  • Sam Chun, Vicky Hui, Sindy Huang, Femmy Yan, Betty Hau, Janet Chau, Kitty Lin, Ada Hon, Bo Bo Hong, Chen Lu (Left to right)

  • Yang Melhua, Coco Wong, Helena Chen, Kenny Tai, Shirley Wan, Cheung Chim Lam, Derek Ho, Mary Wong, Anna Chan, Li Kei (Left to Right)

  • Miou Yeung, Dick Li, Cice Zhang, Ada Chu, James Lai (Upper Row : Left to right)
    Angela Tsui, Amy Cai, Maggie Lee, Catherine Sung, Cindy Cheung (Lower Row : Left to right)

  • Angel Fang, Priscilla Wong, Teddy Cheung, Yau Siu Fan (Upper Row : Left to right)
    Suky Wong, Lilian Pan, Ruby Chan, Lisa Hung, Curry Chan (Lower Row : Left to right)

  • Chik Wing Keung, Kristy Tsang, Winnie Ng, Michelle So (Upper Row : Left to right)
    Miu Miu Siu, Shelley Lok, Veronica Chong, Lai Zhang Xiao Zhu, Fenny Wang, Mao Yanming (Lower Row : Left to right)

  • Leila Xiong, Carol Chan, Man Ying Wan, Maggie Choy (Upper Row : Left to right)
    Ricson Wong, Susan Li, Doris Lo, Anthony Wong, Jimmy Li, Connie Chan (Lower Row : Left to right)

  • Candice Ye, Nelson Chong, Danny Siu, Tina Tin, Julie Lai, Joyce Cao (Upper Row : Left to right)
    Darren Yong, Winnie Cheung, Hilda Wong, Janette Lo, Mandy Yim (Lower Row : Left to right)

This service supports:

Accident claims of Life Insurance

Medical claims of Life Insurance

Claims approval limit up to HK$50,000

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Noble agent will be awarded with this chop to handle the pre-approval claims application.

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