With FWD’s Journey Deferred Annuity Plan , not only can you get a steady stream of guaranteed annuity payment to embrace your life’s second innings, but also the non-guaranteed annuity payment1 as a potential extra boost to your retirement income.

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Disclaimer: The features above are indicative only. Please refer to the Product Brochure and Policy Provisions for details and key product risks. For a complete explanation of the terms and conditions, please call our Service Hotline at +852 3123 3123..

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  1. The Monthly Non-guaranteed Annuity Payment is not guaranteed and is based on the current dividend scales, which are not guaranteed, of FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) “FWD” and are determined at least annually and may be adjusted more frequently than annually based on a series of factors including but not limited to market conditions, investment outlook, expenses, policy persistency, claims experience, and FWD’s investment return. The actual amount payable may change anytime, with the values being higher or lower than those illustrated. Under some circumstances, the non-guaranteed benefits may be zero.
  2. Age is based on the Insured’s age next birthday.
  3. The Insurance Authority certification is not a recommendation or endorsement of the policy, nor does it guarantee the commercial merit of the policy or its performance. It does not mean that the policy is suitable for all policyholders, nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular policyholder or class of policyholders. The policy has been certified by the Insurance Authority but this certification does not imply official recommendation. The Insurance Authority does not take any responsibility for the content of the product leaflet of the policy, makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness, expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the content of the product leaflet of the policy.
  4. The tax deductible limit is an aggregate of qualifying deferred annuity premiums and MPF tax-deductible voluntary contributions paid. Tax deduction is subject to the latest rules and regulation of Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  5. The Monthly Annuity Payment will be paid to you based on your selected method and preferred currency available and acceptable by us once a month on the specified date by FWD. Please note that the amount payable will be in your preferred currency available and acceptable by us equivalent of the USD based on a market-based currency exchange rate of USD to your preferred currency, as solely determined by FWD from time to time. Any fluctuations in exchange rate of USD to your preferred currency will have a direct impact on the value of the Monthly Annuity Payment as calculated in your preferred currency.
  6. Interest rate is not guaranteed and may change from time to time. The interest rate is subject to the latest dividend / bonus declaration philosophy and investment strategy of FWD, please refer to the section of Dividend / Bonus Declaration Philosophy.

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