You or your children can seize the opportunity for extended learning in foreign countries with protection from our Overseas StudyCare Insurance. Its worldwide coverage provides cover for medical expenses, personal liability protection, education fund payments, and more.

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Studying abroad is a hugely exciting adventure. Your children or even YOU can enroll for the protection as Overseas StudyCare Insurance covers until age 65, from medical expenses to worldwide emergency services, personal accidents, major burns, personal liability, cancellation and shortening of the trip, and education fund payments if something happens to the parents. Focus on the experience of learning, both inside the classroom and out.

So…what does it do?

  • Comprehensive medical care - The plan provides up to HK$1 million medical and follow-up expenses for qualified treatment and hospitalisation, with an option to top up in-patient medical costs up to HK$2 million or twice your existing cover.

  • Education fund - In the event of death of the insured person’s parents, we will cover the unpaid tuition fee to support the study plan.

  • Compassionate support - In the unlikely event of kidnapping, we will cover the cost of a compassionate visit and provide a compassionate death benefit.

  • Be adventurous - We encourage you to experience during your study, so leisure and amateur sports activities including winter sports, bungee jumping, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, scuba diving, and other water sports are all covered.

  • Terrorism coverage - This plan also covers personal accident and medical related claims caused by an act of terrorism.

But wait, there's more

Worldwide coverage for medical and personal accident benefits.

24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services.

The features above are indicative only. Please refer to the Product Brochure for details.
For a complete explanation of the terms and conditions, please call our Service Hotline at +852 3123 3123.

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