Get a grip on your medical bills. Embrace Medical Plan offers a comprehensive lifetime medical protection, enabling you to embrace any health challenges with peace of mind.

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Life is full of the unexpected – illness can be on that list, yet you can keep on enjoying every moment knowing you are well-prepared to cope with any uncertainty at all times. Embrace Medical Plan offers thoughtful and direct reimbursement coverage on hospitalisation with four protection levels of your choice, so as to back you up when needed. 

So…what does it do?

  • Coverage for life - With Embrace, age is no barrier – because you’ll be able to keep renewing your plan to provide protection until the age of 1001.

  • Extra care for serious illness - The plan offers extra protection for radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer treatment, as well as kidney dialysis.

  • Outpatient surgeries coverage - Simple surgical and clinic-based procedures such as cataract operation and colonoscopy are also covered, helping you avoid hospitalisation formalities.

  • Freedom to choose - Choose from a range of plan levels to suit you – from economy to standard, or superior to premier – with optional medical booster benefit to cover for possible expenses exceeding the basic coverage.

  • Wellness bonus - Be rewarded for your good health. If no claim is made for two or more consecutive years, you’ll automatically receive a no-claims premium discount.

But wait, there's more

Worldwide support services - With 24/7 international emergency assistance, you can seek immediate support to ease your worries when sudden medical need arises anywhere, anytime.

The features above are indicative only. Please refer to the Product Brochure for details.
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  1. The policy anniversary immediately preceding the 100th birthday of the insured person.

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Hong Kong Dollars to 1 unit of Foreign Currency on 04-Jun-2020


* The above exchange rates are for reference only and are subject to change by FWD without prior notice.

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