FWD comes to life

Pacific Century Group’s new insurance company FWD is committed to being a game changer in the insurance industry in Hong Kong and Asia

FWD ("the Company"), the insurance businesses of Pacific Century Group, is pleased to unveil its new company name - FWD, in Chinese, 富衛. With immediate effect, ING Hong Kong will be renamed FWD Hong Kong; and in Chinese, 富衛香港.

"FWD stands for our vision to be a dynamic and innovative leader in the industry,” says David Wong, Chief Executive Officer of FWD Hong Kong and Macau, adding “The new brand name is simple, easy to remember, and it reflects our commitment to always working proactively in the best interests of our customers, our distribution partners, and our staff."

In Chinese, 富衛represents safety and wealth protection, which are of utmost importance to our customers.

Mr Wong also said that, “FWD is focused on improving customer experience, developing innovative products, and investing in talent to drive the company’s success and business growth.”

This is reflected in the way the Company has developed its new brand identity – the FWD logo is animated with three running figures, known as “The Responders”. The Responders embody FWD’s customer-centric service ethos – representing the Company, coming forward to meet our customers, distribution partners, and staff, in order to provide the services and products that are needed.

To commemorate the birth of the new name, the Company will host a ceremony this evening, where Ms Annie Choi, JP, Commissioner of Insurance of the HKSAR, will attend as an honorary guest, along with FWD’s business partners, agents, and staff. During the event, the first ever animated signage of FWD will be presented on the rooftop of the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay, becoming a part of Hong Kong’s dynamic skyline.

"We are committed to building a customer-centric business, and with FWD's talented and experienced team, we will continually meet the changing needs of our customers by providing excellent customer service, as well as innovative products," adds David Wong. "Our ambition for FWD is to move insurance in a new direction."

Photo 1: FWD Logo

Photo 2: FWD Outdoor Signage during the day time, Excelsior Hotel’s rooftop

Photo 3: FWD Outdoor Signage during the evening time, Excelsior Hotel’s rooftop

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