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Cancer Medical Insurance

CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan

Full medical coverage for all covered cancers.

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The premium is calculated on standard rates and is for reference only. The actual premium to be paid includes insurance levy collected by the Insurance Authority. Please confirm your understanding of the product features and it fits your need(s) before proceeding

While cancer is tough, cancer medical insurance doesn’t have to be

The decision to be equipped to take on cancer medical insurance shouldn’t be a tough one. That is why we’ve created a medical coverage plan that leaves little or even no gaps in the treatment for cancer at different life stages. Getting married, raising children, buying a flat etc. are all important milestones in life. If you are unfortunately suffering from cancer, the cost of cancer treatments or targeted therapies could be difficult to afford and the financial and psychological pressures may even affect your life plans. If you have a family history of cancer, it is better to purchase cancer medical insurance early. FWD’s CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan offer flexible medical solutions for you to enjoy life with protection and your CANsurance policy, and can be converted to a designated full medical plan under designated conditions.

Full medical coverage for all Covered Cancers¹

FWD’s cancer medical insurance provides comprehensive coverage that includes diagnosis, monitoring, surgery, cancer treatment and medication expenses for all levels of covered cancer¹ including carcinoma-in-situ.

Lifetime cancer coverage

Get up to HK$1.5 million for all Covered Cancers¹ which can be renewed without providing health evidence until age next birthday 100

Coverage during uncertainty

Get temporary medical cover up to 6-month during job changes without extra cost

Beyond financial support

We have enlisted a range of health care professionals as well as practical services to support you towards recovery journey

No medical examination required

Simply answer 2 health-related questions online to apply

CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan is underwritten by FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) ("FWD"). This eCommerce platform is operated by FWD Financial Limited ("FWD Financial"). FWD Financial is an appointed and licensed insurance agency of FWD.

Benefit summary

Reasonable and Customary² charges will be reimbursed according to the Schedule of Benefit

Plan level


Lifetime Cancer Limit³


Per Covered Cancer Limit⁴


Area of cover


Room level of hospitalisation

Standard Ward Room⁶

Issue age (age next birthday)

19 to 55

Benefit term

Guaranteed yearly renewable⁷ to age 100 (age next birthday)

Premium payment mode

This platform offers Monthly premium payment mode

Policy holder can contact FWD Customer Service to amend premium payment mode after policy is effective

The product information in this website is for reference only and does not contain the full terms and conditions, key product risks and full list of exclusions of the policy. For more details of benefits and key product risks, please refer to the product brochure; and for exact terms and conditions and the full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy provisions of the plan.

Please make sure you are eligible for this product before applying. Each insured can only be insured by one (1) policy of the Plan.

  • I (and the Insured person if applicable) am a permanent HKID card holder with a Hong Kong residential address.
  • Currently in Hong Kong at the time of making this application.
  • I will not or have no intention to live or work outside Hong Kong or home country over 183 days in the coming 12 months.
  • I am not a holder of the People’s Republic of China Resident Identity Card.

Not exactly what you need?

If you wish to have more comprehensive coverage, you may consider choosing vCANsurance Medical Plan (a VHIS Certified Plan, Certification Number: F00051) that offers broader benefit coverage and higher benefit limits. FWD is a VHIS provider with registration number 00036.

Frequently Asked Cancer Medical Insurance Questions