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Personal Accident Insurance

MySafe Accident Protection Plan

An accident insurance protection plan that offers broad coverage and deep care to help you and your family bounce back from an accident.

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All premiums are calculated on standard rates and this quote is for reference only. The actual premium to be paid includes an insurance levy, which we’re obliged to collect for the Insurance Authority.

Before proceeding, please confirm you understand this product’s features and that it fits your need(s).

About personal accident protection

We know you’ve so much going on in your life. So you may be concerned if an accident will not just impact you physically but also disrupt your momentum in life. Which is why we’ve designed MySafe Accident Protection Plan (“MySafe”) for people like you – a personal accident insurance plan that offers broad cover and deep care should you encounter an accident.

Who needs accident insurance coverage?

Families with children

Did you know falls is the most common cause of accidents, and that most childhood injuries took place at home?*

Household injuries are common, especially if you have kids. Fortunately, most are just bumps, bruises and scrapes which can be treated at home. However, for more serious accidents, MySafe has got you and your children covered from as young as 15 days old.

Beyond disabilities and death, we also care about how scars caused by accidents can impact you and your children. Which is why we provide the first-in-market Scar due to Accident⁴ benefit with MySafe.

Sports lovers

Not only adults need insurance, but also teenagers. Active teens and young adults in Hong Kong commonly get injured while exercising and playing sports. MySafe provides protections to cover sports if caused by a personal accident, and provides permanent total disability benefit¹ ² (applicable to Double Plan) for serious accident, you can enjoy your favourite activities safely under the protection.

Drivers and passengers

Do you know? Although Hong Kong is small, traffic accidents do happen regularly – over 50 a day, affecting private and public vehicles.#

MySafe protects you and your loved ones if an unexpected traffic accident occurs on your commute and offers timely financial assistance during difficult moments.

MySafe Double Plan provides broader accident protection coverage - double indemnity if an accidental injury is due to a traffic accident that occurs under specific conditions, like on public transportation as a fare-paying passenger.

* Source: “Report of Unintentional Injury Survey 2018”, the Non-Communicable Disease Branch Centre for Health Protection Department of Health, HKSAR
#Source: “Be a Responsible Road User Annual Report 2020”, the Road Safety Council, HKSAR

2 plan levels to fit your protection needs and budget

While the Standard Plan provides you with the essential accident benefits including the first-in-market⁵ Scar due to Accident Benefit⁴, the Double Plan offers more.

If you are the breadwinner of your family, you may need greater coverage, including Permanent Total Disability Benefit¹ ² and Double Indemnity Benefit provided in the Double Plan, so that you and your family can receive better financial support in distress caused by accidents.

Standard Plan
Double Plan
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit¹

(Initial Sum Insured)

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Scar due to Accident⁴ Benefit

(20% of the Initial Sum Insured)

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enter image description here

Compassionate Death Benefit

(1% of the Initial Sum Insured)

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enter image description here

24-hour Worldwide Assistance Service⁶

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Permanent Total Disability Benefit¹˒²

(Initial Sum Insured)

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Double Indemnity Benefit

(Initial Sum Insured)

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Broad cover & deep care

FWD’s MySafe Accident Protection Plan – a plan that offers broad cover and deep care should you encounter an accident.

Broad accidental death and disability coverage

  • Double indemnity if the injury is due to an accident occurs under specific conditions (for Double Plan)
  • Compassionate Death Benefit
  • 2 plan levels to fit your protection needs and budget

First-in-market⁵ Scar due to Accident cover⁴

  • Beyond disability and loss-of-life, we also care about how the severity of scars caused by an accident impact your life, so we will cover you with the Scar due to Accident⁴ Benefit

24-hour Worldwide Assistance Service

  • Should an accident occur, we are on-call to provide support⁶ at any time or anywhere you are

Simple enrolment

Affordable Accident protection, just a few clicks away

No health question needed
Less than 10 minutes to apply
Get covered in as little as 30 minutes

MySafe Accident Protection Plan is underwritten by FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) ("FWD Life/ FWD/We"). This eCommerce Platform is operated by FWD Financial Limited ("FWD Financial"). FWD Financial is an appointed and licensed insurance agency of FWD Life.

This product is only available to permanent Hong Kong residents with a Hong Kong residential address only.

Benefit summary

Plan type

Standalone Plan

Issue age (age next birthday)

Age 1 (from 15 days) – 65

Benefit term and premium payment term

Yearly renewable to age next birthday 75

Premium structure

Based on 4 occupational classes⁷ and place of residence

Renewal premiums are non-guaranteed but the premium will not be increased based on the age of the Insured on his or her next birthday⁸



Premium payment mode

Monthly / Annually

Minimum Initial Sum Insured


Maximum Initial Sum Insured

HK$750,000 (age next birthday 1 (15 days) - 18)
HK$1,500,000 (age next birthday 19-65)

The product information in this website is for reference only and does not contain the full terms and conditions, key product risks and full list of exclusions of the policy. For the details of benefits and key product risks, please refer to the product brochure; and for exact terms and conditions and the full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy provisions of the plan.

Please make sure you are eligible for this product before applying:

  • I (and the Insured person if applicable) am a permanent HKID card holder with a Hong Kong residential address.
  • Currently in Hong Kong at the time of making this application.
  • I will not or have no intention to live or work outside Hong Kong or home country over 183 days in the coming 12 months.
  • I am not a holder of the People’s Republic of China Resident Identity Card.

Note: Online applicants will be requested to visit FWD Insurance Solutions Centres under the following circumstances:

  1. Collection of policy documents upon issuance of policy;
  2. Cancellation of policy during the cooling-off period;
  3. Change of beneficiary; or
  4. Full surrender.

Under specific circumstances, we may request online applicants to visit FWD Insurance Solutions Centres for identity verification.

Not exactly what you need?

If you are looking for a product that offers broader benefit coverage and higher benefit limits, please contact us for more information.

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