Dividend payout of investment choices

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§§ Investment choice(s) which denoted the names ended with (“Dis”) (collectively, the “Investment Choices (Cash Distribution)”) are linked to the share class of the underlying funds that aim to pay cash dividend regularly. For details, please see “Dividend Payout of Investment Choices page” in this website.

* The underlying fund(s) of above investment choice(s) marked with “*” is/ are derivative fund with net derivative exposure exceeding 50% of its net asset value. It may only be suitable for investors who understand the complicated structure of derivative product and associated risk. You may incur significant loss if investing in such investment choice(s). You are strongly advised to exercise caution in relation to such investment choice(s).

ΔΔ The risk level is assigned principally based on the historical volatility and investment policies of the underlying fund. The 3-tier risk level (High, Moderate, Low) is provided by the fund information provider, FE fundinfo. The more sensitive an investment choice is to the change of market conditions, the more volatile it is and therefore the higher its risk level is indicated. Likewise, an investment choice less sensitive to market condition changes has lower volatility and is therefore regarded as bearing lower risk. However, you should note that a low risk level does not mean it is risk free. Please note that the volatility and the risk level of investment choice may change over time. The risk levels are for reference only and will be reviewed and updated periodically.

Δ This refers to the relevant document at the underlying fund level.

It is not guaranteed that the underlying fund of an Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) will distribute cash dividend or distribute a fixed amount of cash dividend or distribute cash dividend at a periodic frequency. The amount of cash dividend paid is in no way an indication, a forecast or a projection of cash dividends to be paid in the future.

Warning: Please note that a positive distribution yield of dividends does not imply a positive return. Investors should not make any investment decision solely based on information contained herein. You should read the ILAS offering documents and the relevant offering documents (including the key facts statement) of the corresponding underlying funds for further details including the risk factors.

^^Only the Investment Choices (Cash Distribution) which have distributed dividend payout are included. Dividend payout history of an Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) since its launch is provided and will be updated whenever payment of dividend is made.

ΔΔΔ The date underlying fund of an Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) declares dividend and FWD records the number of units of the Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) policyholder held in the policy on that date for dividend distribution.

ΔΔΔΔ The dividend composition of the Investment Choice (Cash Distribution) is the same as that of the corresponding underlying fund. Where there are dividend records of the Investment Choices (Cash Distribution) in the past 12 months from the latest dividend payment of the Investment Choices (Cash Distribution), the latest dividend composition information of the underlying funds as published by the respective underlying funds is provided.

Investment involves risks and the value of investments and their yield may go down as well as up. Past performance figures shown above are not guaranteed and are not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the offering documents of the relevant underlying funds and the principal brochure and/or the policy document of the relevant ILAS for further details including the risk factors.

Information and figures at the underlying fund level are obtained from sources that considered reliable and accurate by FWD. FWD has reasonable belief that such information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

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