FWD’s Entrepreneur Seminar

FWD’s entrepreneur seminar attracted over a hundred talents from the Greater Bay Area.

"Disney" and "entrepreneurship" may not seem directly related, but there are certain aspects that connect the two.

In 1955, despite facing two previous entrepreneurial failures, Walt Disney successfully created a magical and adventurous place, Disneyland, which has become a beloved destination for people of all ages worldwide, evoking feelings of nostalgia and imagination.

On June 17, 2023, in this enchanting and dream-empowering place of Disney, FWD elites invited 120 talents from the Greater Bay Area who were interested in pursuing a career in financial planning to an entrepreneurial seminar. By combining FWD's expertise with the "magic" of Disneyland, the aim was to help these individuals realize their dreams. With FWD’s strength and expertise, embellished by Disney's "magic", we hope to make their dreams come true.


To make the event even more significant, apart from inviting FWD's investment experts, Jethro Goodchild, HK Chief Investment Officer and Group Investment Strategy, and Paul Au, Head of Credit Strategy and Private Debt at FWD Group's Investment Department, to share their investment philosophies and FWD Hong Kong's investment activities and strategies. A partner of Family Enterprise and Family Office Advisory from Greater China EY Private, was invited to engage in discussions with the participants about the development of family businesses in the insurance industry and the summer internship program that E&Y and FWD collaborated on.


In addition, two FWD elites, Doreen Qiu, Senior Branch Manager, and Chris Xiao, Wealth Management Consultant, shared their career development under the "Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG)" scheme, their journeys at FWD, and insights into their initial career planning experiences.


Not only was there professional sharing at the seminar, but it was also, indeed, packed with excitement! The attendees were surprised when Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck showed up and eagerly took photos with them. The event also included a lucky draw, in which winners had the opportunity to have lunch and exchange investment insights with Jethro and Paul, and get a chance to enjoy an upcoming concert. After the seminar, participants could go to the park to witness the fireworks. It was a fruitful day for everyone. Let’s look forward to the next event!


FWD’s entrepreneur seminar attracted over a hundred talents from the Greater Bay Area.

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