April 2016

Live For Now!

Are you accustomed to waiting? Are you tired of lining up for hours for dinner, waiting in a traffic jam, waiting to get on buses and so on?

Live your passion now, without waiting!

Driven by our vision to change the way people feel about insurance, we recently launched the “Live For Now” campaign, which challenges the cliché that insurance is about the future. In contrast, we aim to empower you to live life to the fullest now without hesitation, with the all-rounded protection from us that meets your needs.

Live your passion now

Here comes an activity for you to “Live For Now”! Join “Live Your Passion”, our exciting activity that is supported by FWD's sponsored programme, “FWD SE7EN” in ViuTV. You are invited to tell us about your goals. If selected, not only will you win fabulous prizes, the FWD Passion Team together with“SE7EN” hosts will support you in bringing your thoughts to real! This unforgettable experience will also be filmed and broadcast on ViuTV. 

FWD's sponsored programme “FWD SE7EN”, now live on ViuTV at 9:30pm every Sunday.  

More activities about the “Live For Now” campaign is now in the pipeline.  Stay tuned with us on FWD Hong Kong and Macau Facebook Page

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