August 2015

Savie HKD savings insurance helps achieve your goals earlier

Limited offer - Guaranteed annual crediting rates of 3% for the first 2 years, and 4% for the third year!

Want to achieve your goals? Then don’t just talk - walk the talk!

Act now! Register to grab our limited offer of Savie HKD savings insurance plan! 

Save and earn with ease

Savie provides guaranteed annual crediting rate of 3% for the first 2 policy years and guaranteed annual crediting rate of 4% for the third policy year, allowing a smart way to achieve your saving goals.

Flexible and free from charges

You can withdraw account value from your policy at NO charges at any time (including the guaranteed interest rate period) – giving you flexibility of access to meet your needs!

Make the most out of life with extra protection

Savie offers extra protection by providing a death benefit at 105% of the account value, and an accidental death benefit equivalent to 100% of the account value, i.e. up to HKD400,000, until age 70. 

Sign up now on and be first in line for its launch!

There are multiple ways to achieve your saving goals. Click to view the next article and check out another long-term savings choice! 

*The above information is for reference only and is indicative of the key features of the plan. For a complete explanation of the terms and conditions, please refer to the product brochure and the policy provisions. 

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