February 2015

A “FAPP”bulous experience for you

Designed to further enhance your policy application experience with us, an advanced mobile app dubbed "FAPP" was recently launched to equip our advisers to provide you with professional services with an even better performance.

Paperless application, easy and safe

The new app turns the previous practice of printing sales proposal and filling out application forms into a paperless operation. Most functions of the app can be used offline and it also features the following cool functions:

1. Provide instant financial analyses

The app’s “Financial Needs Analysis” function enables advisers to demonstrate your financial needs, such as life and medical insurance, retirement and education. An electronic proposal can be emailed to you for easier and clearer reference. 

2. Ensure accuracy of information

You can save time from filling out application forms as the required data will be automatically inserted, based on the record of your chosen proposal. Alert messages will pop up in case there are missing information to help ensure accuracy and completeness of information.

3. Support e-signature and save time

The app supports e-signatures and therefore you can instantly submit your application online quickly and conveniently.

4. Submit document directly for greater privacy

Your proof of identity and other supporting documents can be submitted directly through the app. This guarantees your privacy, because your adviser no longer needs to keep a record.  

Comparison of previous and new selling practice

Previous selling practice

With new mobile app - FAPP

Hardcopies of proposals are difficult to amend or save, and not eco-friendly

Electronic proposals are easy to amend and email to customers

Need to fill out every blank space on the application form that could result in many mistakes

Automatically fills in blank spaces per existing records, enhancing efficiency and accuracy

Proofs of identity and other documents are submitted through advisers

Direct submission of proofs of identity and other documents with an e-signature on the e-application form

There is a long underwriting process for data entry

An alert function to ensure accuracy and completeness of information, hence shorten the underwriting process

Contact your adviser or call our customer service hotline at 3123 3123 anytime for help on your financial planning!

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