October 2014

Explore the Amazon, get ready to live!

Want to explore the Amazon rainforest with us?

This summer, FWD supported a group of students to explore the Amazon by providing insurance coverage for their extraordinary expedition, which aimed to proclaim the message of saving Earth.

Organised by Yan Oi Tong, the tour saw 25 students who were chosen as “Green Ambassadors” after a six-month selections and trainings. In late July, they embarked on a 15-day study tour to Ecuador during which they went to the National Park, took a night trip into the Amazon rainforest, visited an indigenous tribe - the Siona and met local ecologists and scientists. They gained so much from the experience!

The green ambassadors meet local scientists.

Site visit at the National Park.

Make record of the species they come across along the trip.

Observe various animals in the Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the footage and take a closer peek at their journey!

All Green Ambassadors had peace of mind during their trip with FWD’s travel insurance in place, and so would you!

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