April 2014

Walk for good

To promote a healthy lifestyle and raise charity funds, FWD launched Walk FWD – Hong Kong's first ever mega charity virtual walkathon. Held between October and November 2013, with support from our management, staff and distribution partners, the event was well-received and helped to raise a total of HK$500,000 for The Children's Heart Foundation, an organization which helps children suffering from congenital heart disease.

Unlike a traditional walkathon, Walk FWD features innovative usage of technology, including cloud management service and a mobile device application programme, to count the number of steps each participant walked.  Participants' footsteps were turned into a virtual walk around the world and the fastest participants and teams that completed the designated virtual walkathon route were awarded special prizes. The walkathon promoted a healthy habit for our participants and encouraged them to maintain an active lifestyle.

Walk FWD

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