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Easy Pet Care Insurance offers two major benefits: medical coverage and third-party liability at a fixed premium of just HK$2 per day¹

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Easy Pet Care Insurance
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The above premium is our standard rate for all eligible pets (excluding insurance levy). The information here is for reference only. The actual amount to be paid include an insurance levy collected by the Insurance Authority. Before we proceed, please confirm you fully understand the product and how it can meet your needs.
Dog, 6 months to 11 months
Product highlights

A policy which cares for your wallet as well as your pets

We know that many people view their pet as part of the family, and they care about the well-being of their pets. But we also know that not all pet insurance is affordable. So we designed Easy Pet Care Insurance to offer the two main coverages you need at a competitive price.

A fixed premium² regardless of age and breed

Unlike traditional pet insurance which charges a premium according to the pet’s breed and age, we offer a fixed premium to all eligible pets² - regardless of their age or breed.

A trusted plan with 2 major benefits

This is a simple, straight-forward plan that offers the two main types of cover you need: medical coverage and third-party liability.

Fast, easy application

This online application asks just a few questions, meaning you can apply and get insurance coverage in as fast as 5 minutes.

General information

Plan type

Standalone plan


We cover cats and dogs (except listed dangerous dogs³) from 6 months to 8 years old

Benefit term

1 year

Premium structure

A fixed premium for all eligible pets

Premium frequency


Waiting Period

30 days from the Policy Effective Date

Medical Coverage
  • Veterinary Consultation Fees
  • Prescribed Medication (prescribed drugs, dressings and injections)

Maximum Limit:

  • HK$250/visit (Max. 10 visits/year)
  • Subject to 20% Coinsurance for each claim
Third Party Liability

Maximum Limit:

  • HK$600,000
  • Subject to a deductible of HK$10,000 or 10% of loss (whichever is greater), for each and every loss
Applicable to Medical Coverage
  1. Pre-existing Conditions;
  2. claims for expenses incurred during the Waiting Period including (except for those incurred as a result of Injury caused by Accident):
    • all Illness that first showed Clinical Signs during the Waiting Period;
    • all Illness which is the same as, or has the same diagnosis or Clinical Signs as an Illness that first showed Clinical signs during the Waiting Period;
  3. charges incurred in respect of disposal, cremation or burial of the Insured Pet;
  4. diet foods, special diet foods, pet foods, vitamins, mineral supplements, housing, bedding and bathing needs for the treatment or general well-being of the Insured Pet;
  5. fees for treatment relating to hereditary, congenital abnormality or congenital illness declared or judged by a Vet;
  6. fees for therapy treatment or training for behavioural problems, mental or emotional disorder;
  7. fees for the treatment for cryptorchidism;
  8. costs of any treatment related to
    • dentistry (except dental treatment due to an Accident);
    • pregnancy, birth or breeding and any complications thereof;
    • organ transplantation;
    • elective procedures and cosmetic surgeries;
  9. costs of any routine physical examinations, X-Ray, laboratory tests, preventative treatments, preventative vaccinations, spaying, neutering, castration, grooming, routine removal of dew claws, killing and controlling fleas, treating round worms and tapeworms, grooming and nail clipping or any complications arising from these treatments;
  10. administrative fees charged by the Vet for the purpose of processing claims including but not limited to any charges for completing the claim forms and/or providing reports, certificates, supporting documents or other information.
Applicable to Third Party Liability
  1. the first HK$10,000 or 10% of loss (whichever is the greater), for each and every loss;
  2. loss or damage to property in the ownership, custody, care or control of the Policyholder, the Family, or any person residing with or in the service of the Policyholder;
  3. accidental injury to or illness contracted by the Policyholder, the Family, or any person living with or in the service of the Policyholder;
  4. fines, penalty, surcharge or late payment;
  5. punitive, aggravated or exemplary damages;
  6. any claim arising from or involving the Insured Pet being present at any place where it is prohibited to be present, including without limitation, where the Insured Pet is present at a place in contravention of any rule, regulation, deed of mutual covenant, or legislation;
  7. any claim arising from an occurrence in connection with the Policyholder’s profession, occupation or business;
  8. any liability assumed by the Policyholder under any contract or agreement unless such liability would have attached in the absence of such agreement.
  1. The daily premium is based on the calculation of HK$690 (annual premium of an eligible pet) over 365 days.
  2. Fixed premium is only applicable to the Insured Pet which is eligible to apply for this plan. For the details of eligibility, please refer to “General Information”.
  3. Dangerous dogs mean any known dangerous dog, fighting dog, or large dog within the meaning of the Dangerous Dogs Regulation (Cap. 167D) of the laws of Hong Kong.
  4. The benefit term of this product is 1 year and it’s non-renewable.

The product information in this website is a summary of the product features of the Easy Pet Care Insurance policy for your reference only and does not contain the full terms and conditions and exclusions of the policy. For the full terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy provisions of the plan. You should not purchase the plan solely based on the information on this website.

This product is underwritten by FWD General Insurance Company Limited ("FWD GI/FWD/We"), which is authorized and regulated by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong SAR. This eCommerce Platform is operated by FWD Financial Limited ("FWD Financial"). FWD Financial, is an appointed and licensed insurance agency of FWD GI, and is registered in accordance with the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41 of the Laws of Hong Kong) for distribution of general insurance products in the Hong Kong SAR.

This product is only available to Hong Kong residents only.

Please make sure you are eligible for this product before applying:

  • I am a HKID card holder.
  • Currently in Hong Kong at the time of making this application.

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Frequently asked questions

Pet insurance mainly covers the expenses incurred by the pet owner due to sickness, injury or third party liability compensation of the pet on a reimbursement basis. It helps provide financial support to the pet owner.

The benefit items and premium range of pet insurance (including cat insurance and dog insurance) in the market vary. This plan covers 2 major benefits which are medical coverage and third party liability. The plan has a fixed, affordable premium.

Yes, it is common for pet insurance to include a waiting period. For this plan, a 30-day waiting period from the Policy Effective Date shall be applied for Medical Coverage. No waiting period will be applied for Third Party Liability.


For Medical Coverage, a coinsurance amount equivalent to 20% of each claim shall be borne by the Policyholder.

For Third Party Liability, a deductible amount equivalent to HK$10,000 or 10% of the loss (whichever is greater) for each loss shall be borne by the Policyholder.

No. Pre-existing Condition is not covered under this plan. And Pre-existing conditions means any Illness, physical condition (e.g. any physical defects or infirmities), degenerative process, which existed prior to the Policy Effective Date in regards to the Insured Pet, which presented to signs or symptoms whether or not the Policyholder is aware.

Yes. The Insured Pet must be 6 months to 8 years old at the time of policy effective date (same as the application date of this plan).

No. This plan only covers cats and dogs.

Except for any known dangerous dog, fighting dog, or large dog within the meaning of the Dangerous Dogs Regulation (Cap. 167D) of the laws of Hong Kong, all breeds of cats and dogs are eligible for this plan.

Yes. The Insured Pet must be microchipped, and the microchip number has to be provided at the time of claim.

For insured dogs, the microchip must be implanted prior to applying for this plan. For insured cats, the microchip must be implanted prior to the expiry of the Waiting Period.

No. Similar to other pet insurance plans in the market, the plan does not cover body-check services of the Insured Pet.

No. This plan is non-renewable.

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