Dreams can change the world. SaveWise Savings Insurance Plan can help you fund your dream! With an easy application process and a 4-year payment term, you can reach your medium-term savings goals with ease.

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Whether your dream is to start a business, buy an apartment, fund your children’s university education, or travel the world, SaveWise Savings Insurance Plan will help you achieve your dreams! By paying premiums for 4 years and growing your policy for 6 years, you can enjoy maturity benefits and life protection throughout the policy period.

So…what does it do?

  • Short payment term - Pay for 4 years and grow your policy over the next 6 years1 to realise your medium-term saving goals.

  • Guaranteed amount2 at maturity - You will receive an amount up to 128% of total premium paid.

  • Be rewarded with special bonus3 - In addition to the guaranteed amount2, special bonus3 can help build your wealth steadily.

  • Built-in life insurance protection - Your loved ones can receive death benefit up to 123% of the total premium paid.

  • Hassle-free application process - Medical examination is generally not required.

Historical Dividend/Bonus Information
Dividend / Bonus Declaration Philosophy

The features above are indicative only. Please refer to the Product Brochure for details.
For a complete explanation of the terms and conditions, please call our 24-hour Service Hotline at +852 3123 3123.

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  1. The whole benefit term is 10 years.
  2. The guaranteed amount is the Guaranteed Cash Value. Upon maturity, the Guaranteed Cash Value is equivalent to the notional amount. For details of the Guaranteed Cash Value, please refer to your customised illustration document or policy schedule.
  3. The Special Bonus (if any) is based on FWD’s current scales which are not guaranteed and are determined at least annually and may be adjusted more frequently. The Special Bonus (if any) will be payable under the Policy upon the death of the Insured, partial surrender and surrender of the Policy, maturity of the Policy or at the end of the one year reinstatement period if the Policy lapses and is not reinstated within the period. The actual amount payable may change anytime, with the values being higher or lower than those illustrated. Under some circumstances, the Special Bonus may be zero.

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Hong Kong Dollars to 1 unit of Foreign Currency on 19-Jan-2018


* The above exchange rates are for reference only and are subject to change by FWD without prior notice.

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