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With a premium payment term of only 5 years, Journey 120 Annuity Plan provides you with a monthly annuity payment1 starting from age 602 or 652 or 702 up to age 1202, enabling you to enjoy your age-friendly world filled with fun like never before.

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  1. The monthly annuity payment consists of monthly guaranteed annuity payment and monthly non-guaranteed annuity payment 3. During the lifetime of the insured while the policy is in effect, the monthly annuity payment is payable starting from the policy monthiversary following the policy anniversary on or immediately after the insured reaches the age of 602 or 652 or 702 in corresponding with your choice of annuity period, till the policy anniversary on or immediately after the insured reaches the age of 1202.
  2. Age is based on the insured’s next birthday age.
  3. The monthly non-guaranteed annuity payment is not guaranteed and is based on the current dividend scales projection, which are not guaranteed, of FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD”) and are determined at least annually and may be adjusted more frequently than annually based on a series of factors including but not limited to market conditions, investment outlook, expenses, policy persistency, claims experience, and FWD’s investment return. The actual amount payable may change anytime, with the values being higher or lower than those illustrated. Under some circumstances, the non-guaranteed benefits may be zero.
  4. The interest rate with FWD is not guaranteed. The interest rate is determined by FWD from time to time at its absolute discretion.
  5. If you choose to receive all the monthly annuity payments without leaving them with the policy, the death benefit will become zero after insured’s age 852 when (i) the total monthly guaranteed annuity payments paid is equal to or greater than 105% of total premium paid7 and (ii) guaranteed cash value8 becomes zero.
  6. No medical examination is required for new policy application if the total premium amount7 of the insured does not exceed the aggregate per insured limit set by FWD subject to FWD’s prevailing rules and regulation.
  7. In case the monthly guaranteed annuity payment is reduced by partial surrender while this policy is in force, total premium paid will be calculated as determined by FWD based on the latest monthly guaranteed annuity payment attached as an endorsement thereto.
  8. The guaranteed cash value will continuously reduce when the monthly guaranteed annuity payment start to pay, and will become zero at the end of 25 years after the annuity period started.

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