Unleash your full potential and create a lifestyle you want with protection from FWD. Whether it’s a term life cover for your first mortgage, or a life cover with savings for starting your own business, our life insurance plans are tailored to meet your needs.

  • Life protection plan with savings elements, providing financial security for loved ones

  • Accumulate wealth for lifetime success

  • Level premium throughout the premium payment term for easier financial planning

  • Provide pure life protection to care for the loved ones

  • Guaranteed renewal with competitive premium

  • Flexibility to convert to a whole life policy

  • Low-cost pure life cover with guaranteed premiums for the first 20 policy years

  • Get rewarded with preferential premium rates for staying healthy. Advance payment if the insured is likely to pass away within a year

  • Enjoy 25% off first 4 years premium for Term Life online application. Terms & conditions apply

  • Your choice to add regular and booster contributions

  • Premium holiday option available if needed

  • Interests and bonuses distributed according to plans

  • Guaranteed minimum crediting interest rate for the whole policy term

  • Option to partially surrender to withdraw from the account value

  • Life protection to care for loved ones and wealth for a total peace of mind

  • 100% of sum insured as guaranteed portion of death benefit

  • Protection up to whole of insured’s life

  • Death benefit settlement option for flexible wealth allocation

  • Guaranteed portion of death benefit will be increased up to 150% of the sum insured

  • Life protection up to age 105

  • Death Benefit Settlement Options for flexible wealth allocation

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