You have worked hard to build a perfect home that is safe for you and your family, and we want to help you protect it against any unexpected events with our household insurance plans, which include protection even for your helpers and pets.

  • Personal legal liability protection up to HK$5 million

  • Worldwide coverage for trips within 90 consecutive days

  • Protects you and every family member living with you under the same roof

  • Household contents cover up to HK$500,000; Alternative accommodation reimbursed up to HK$1,000 per day

  • Personal liability cover up to HK$5 million

  • Buy now and enjoy 10% premium discount & HKD420 Term Life Insurance discount

  • Household contents cover up to HK$1 million

  • Personal liability cover up to HK$5 million

  • Tenants are protected against damage to landlord’s structural fixtures

  • Rent Protection

  • Legal Cost and Expenses

  • Owner’s Liability

  • Extensive cover for a wide array of calamities

  • Man-made events and accidents are also covered

  • Add-ons available for more comprehensive coverage

  • Employer’s legal liability covered up to HK$100 million

  • Multiple cover for the helper, including dental, surgical and repatriation expenses

  • 1 & 2-Year policies are available to provide flexibility on the policy duration according to the terms of the employment contract

  • Protect you and your part-time local domestic helper for HK$1 a day

  • No need to provide the helper’s HKID no. during sign up

  • Seamless coverage even with change of your helper

  • Cover for internal and external components of home

  • Legal liability covered for accidental third party injury during construction

  • Property protection during construction

  • Various covers for all modes of transport of property

  • All-round protection for your property with basic plan

  • Add on “All Risks” clause for a wider range of protection

  • Coverage for a variety of veterinary services

  • Third party liability caused by your pet is covered

  • In case of missing pet, advertising costs are covered with Plan 2 or 3

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