PREMIER THE ONEcierge, the market’s first one-stop solution tailored by a professional health management team, provides you with access to priority treatment across the Pan-Asia Region covering Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.

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One-Stop Medical Solution

Professional & experienced medical specialist team as your partner

With over 100 top-tier hospitals1 and access to leading medical specialists, PREMIER THE ONEcierge is your most trusted health companion. With us, you can rest assured that you will receive eligible treatment from the best-suited doctor in the region when needed. The premier services are including:

  • Professional inpatient medical advice service2
  • Hospitalisation itinerary arrangement
  • Cashless facility3 covers from end to end
  • Personalized travel-related assistance4 for flights, accommodation, ground transfers and visa applications.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Covering all private hospitals with medical concierge services

Providing cashless facility3 for hospitalisation in all of Hong Kong’s 12 private hospitals, enabling you a worry-free recovery.


China – Connecting you with top-tier hospitals with International VIP access privileges

An extensive network of 90 top-tier hospitals (including grade 3A hospitals) in China with the "International VIP Access" privileges, which guarantee you a well-planned hospital admission arrangement to help you save time in queue and let you receive the best medical services.


Taiwan – Accessing a cutting-edge cancer treatment: proton therapy

Connected with the two top-tiers hospitals that operate one of Asia’s largest proton and radiation therapy centers, they offer the most comprehensive health care service in Taiwan. The concierge service also provides you with personalized travel-related assistance4.


Singapore – Bringing you the privileged “Hospitels” medical concierge services

Partnering with the leading private healthcare provider in Asia, Parkway Hospitals Singapore, we initiate the concept of "Hospitels" ("Hospitals like hotels") in four hospitals to bring the most advanced surgical technology in the region.


Japan – Providing advanced cancer treatment

Japan has the top-class cutting-edge cancer treatments, while in PREMIER THE ONEcierge, three out of the 24 designated network hospitals in Japan are ranked among the top five hospitals, offering the best types of cancer treatment.

The Pan-Asia network with top-notch medical service

TheOne& Only

With the extended service5 network to the Pan-Asia Region, PREMIER THE ONEcierge is exclusively for customers of TheOne Medical Solution. You can get lifetime protection of up to HK$100 million, and fully reimbursed hospital expenses, saving you from financial hassles.

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  1. Hospital means a variety of network hospitals in the Pan-Asia Region providing medical advice and treatment under the Service. Please contact our 24-hour Service Hotline (852) 31233123 for more information about the list of hospitals in the Pan-Asia Region.
  2. Inpatient Medical Advice Service is provided by HealthMutual Group Limited (“HMG”) and its healthcare network team and this service offers inpatient medical advice for the Insured of Eligible Plans. If the Insured is diagnosed with serious diseases and obtain a hospital admission letter , HMG will make an assessment based on the Insured’s medical reports as appropriate, including explanations of the medical report, alternative medical treatment and associated estimated medical expenses in the Pan-Asia Region. A final decision on the medical treatment arrangement shall be made solely by the Insured. Please note that Inpatient Medical Advice shall not be considered as a medical consultation. If the Insured would like to have a medical consultation, all relevant costs will be borne by the Insured. FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD”) reserves the right to terminate or vary this service in its sole discretion without further notice.
  3. Cashless Facility (“Cashless Facility”) is an administrative arrangement to pay the covered expenditures when the Insured is under confinement, but not a benefit item under Policy Provisions or a guaranteed successful arrangement. FWD reserves the right to terminate or vary the service in its sole discretion without further notice. FWD will pay the medical cost to the relevant hospital on behalf of the Insured after the successful arrangement of Cashless Facility. If there is Annual Deductible balance of Eligible Plan, policy owners are required to pay such balance when being admitted to hospital. If the medical cost paid by FWD is higher than the maximum amount of benefit, FWD would seek reimbursement from policy owners for such amount.
  4. The Insured is responsible for all relevant fees and charges required for the travel and accommodation related items. Travel related assistance is only applicable to Taiwan, Singapore & Japan.
  5. The Service, provided by HMG and its healthcare network team and Parkway Hospitals Singapore (“Parkway”), are not a part of the Policy or benefit item under the Policy Provisions. The Service is only applicable to TheOne Medical Solution and/ or other designated insurance basic plans or riders (“Eligible Plans”). FWD reserves the right to terminate or vary the Service in its sole discretion without further notice. FWD shall not be responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of HMG and its healthcare network team and Parkway. The Service is only applicable in the Pan-Asia Region.

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