When you or a loved one needs medical treatment, hospital bills are the last thing you want to be burdened with. Our comprehensive medical plans allow you or your family members to focus on getting well, safe in the knowledge that your plan will help shoulder the burden of those costly expenses.

  • Flexible choice of coverage and additional medical booster benefit

  • Guaranteed renewable until age 100

  • Extra protection for radiotherapy, chemotherapy and kidney dialysis

  • Daily hospital cash support

  • Full refund of total annual premium paid

  • Cover for 10 years

  • Hospitalisation cover for family

  • Optional supplementary major medical and outpatient benefits

  • Free annual health check-up

  • Lifetime limit up to HK$100 million

  • Full reimbursement of hospital accommodation in a standard private room

  • Daily hospital cash of HK$1,500 for room or board stay below a standard private room