With comprehensive critical protection, you can let your passionate spirit flourish.  With Crisis XDefender (Supreme), you are now ready to enjoy your fabulous life.

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In addition to coverage against 58 Crises, the Plan also covers 59 Special Diseases with 8 of them specifically for juveniles. There’s no simpler way to achieve broad coverage against critical illnesses.

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  • Additional Crisis and Death Benefit - The plan will provide up to 75% additional of the Initial Sum Insured if the insured is diagnosed with any covered Crises or passes away within the first 15 Policy Years at no extra cost1, fully supporting the insured and his/her family.

  • Coverage for newborns - The insured’s newborn baby will be covered by Crisis Benefit or Death Benefit2 (20% of the Initial Sum Insured or HK$200,000 / US$25,000, whichever is lower), helping  to safeguard  baby’s wonderful future.

  • Customised rehabilitation service - After the insured is first diagnosed with Heart Attack or Stroke, the plan will pay an extra 1% of the Initial Sum Insured for as many as 6 months and tailor a 4-week rehabilitation program.  If the insured is diagnosed with other covered illnesses related to the Circulatory System, the plan will refer the insured to the best-suited specialist and waive the initial consultation fee.

  • Multiple protection for common Crises - If the Crisis Benefit has been paid, the rest of the premium payable under the Plan will be waived, and an additional 120% of the initial sum insured will be paid if the insured is subsequently diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke.

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Enjoy special privilege - PREMIER THE ONEcierge One Team Health Management provides you with access to top notch medical solutions across Pan-Asia, helping you find the most suitable doctor within a leading network of specialists and arrange for hospitalisation.

Regular medical checkups – Prevention is better than cure. The plan offers a complimentary checkup once every two years (5 checkups at maximum) to help monitor the insured’s health.

The features above are indicative only. Please refer to the Product Brochure for details.
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  1. This benefit is only applicable to Insured whose issue age is 1 – 65 (age next birthday). Additional 75% of the Initial Sum Insured (for the insured whose issued age is 35 or below at next birthday) or 60% of the Initial Sum Insured (for the insured whose issued age is above 35 at next birthday) will be payable as at the date when the Crisis Benefit or Death Benefit is payable under the Policy.
  2. This additional benefit is available if the policy has been in effect for at least 2 consecutive policy years after the policy date or the date of reinstatement, whichever is later.

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Hong Kong Dollars to 1 unit of Foreign Currency on 23-Apr-2018


* The above exchange rates are for reference only and are subject to change by FWD without prior notice.

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