Critical Illness

Live your life to the fullest, even if a critical illness happens to strike. We’re here to help you get back on your feet in no time with a number of our flexible and broad coverage plans.

  • 100% premium refund at maturity

  • Up to 3 additional payments of Special Disease Benefit

  • 10-year payment for 20-year protection

  • Up to 1000% Multiple Crisis Benefit Simplify Disease Grouping

  • Professional Health Solutions<br> One-stop Medical Services

  • Dedicated to Looking After Your Health

  • Enhanced Security from Designated Crises up to 690% of Initial Sum Insured

  • Cover Defined Diseases to Undefined/ Unknown Diseases

  • Support from Rehabilitation Benefit to Lifestyle Management Program

  • Provide additional protection on top of basic coverage

  • Offer one-stop services that care for your needs

  • Save your premium up to 30%

  • Hong Kong's only critical illness insurance plan protecting mental illnesses

  • One Protection Plan for both Big & Small

  • Professional referral and counselling services

  • Up to two advanced payments of 20% of the sum insured for early-stage cancer

  • Full premium refund upon policy maturity if no claim is made

  • Post Cancer Treatment, such as Chinese medicine consultations and physiotherapy, after the first confirmed diagnosis of cancer

  • The life protection plan moves with the times

  • All-round protection throughout your life journey

  • A limitless health protection

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