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FWD launches vCANsurance VHIS medical plan

15 October 2020 | Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 15 October 2020 – FWD Hong Kong (“FWD”) has launched vCANsurance Medical Plan (Certification Number F00051) (“vCANsurance”), FWD’s sixth Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS”) product and a flexi-plan certified by Hong Kong’s Food and Health Bureau. Designed with comprehensive benefits and coverage in mind, vCANsurance offers worldwide medical protection2 with competitive premium levels. 

vCANsurance brings to the VHIS market a “per disability per policy year” claims mechanism for each benefit item. With this new design of vCANsurance, the aggregate limit for hospitalisation per disability per policy year, which amounts to HK$650,000 for semi-private room (superior plan) and HK$500,000 for ward room (standard plan), will be counted afresh for each disability during each policy year, allowing the coverage and benefit limits to be reset per disability and per policy year, i.e. more flexibly. 

vCANsurance also provides additional benefits for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments and kidney dialysis, which amount to HK$500,000 per disability per policy year (superior plan), and HK$350,000 per disability per policy year (standard plan). vCANsurance also has no itemised sub-limits on a wide range of medical expenses incurred for hospitalisation and surgery to enhance the level of comprehensive protection and convenience for customers.

Kelvin Yu, Chief Product Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, said, “The introduction of vCANsurance is an exciting addition to our suite of VHIS products. It is uniquely developed to respond to the needs of our customers who seek comprehensive yet hassle-free medical coverage. We’re also thrilled with professional insurance information platform, 10Life’s rating on vCANsurance, which is rated a 5-star VHIS plan with both its semi-private room (superior) and ward room (standard) plans ranking number one in market (as of 12 October, 2020).” 

Up until August 2020, FWD’s suite of VHIS plans accounted for a high proportion of new medical insurance sales of FWD’s life insurance business, which increased overall by 90% over the same period of the previous year (per annualised premium equivalent, APE).

vCANsurance underlines FWD’s commitment to providing suitable health protection for customers with different needs. vCANsurance puts no limitation on covered age for congenital diseases, and brings about a series of professional health services to give customers enhanced access to the full range of benefits of medical insurance.

From now until 30 November 2020, new vCANsurance policyholders can enjoy up to 6 months of first year premium discount (policies must be issued by 31 December 2020). 

The vCANsurance Medical Plan is underwritten by FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). The above information does not contain the full terms and benefits of the policy, key product risks, and major exclusions. For details, terms and conditions of vCANsurance Medical Plan please refer to its product brochure and policy provisions downloadable at

1. The “per disability per policy year” claims mechanism for each benefit item is first in VHIS market as of 17 Sep 2020, compared with other certified VHIS products provided by Hong Kong major insurers.
2. Except psychiatric treatments. 


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Additional benefits/services of vCANsurance: 
1. Strengthened third-party professional health assistance services3
vCANsurance provides a series of enhanced third-party professional health assistance services to deliver exceptional care for customers:

  • A dedicated cancer hotline for tailored cancer treatments and cashless facility; 
  • Second medical opinion service provided by high-ranking US medical institutions;  
  • HKSH Medical Group’s personalised cancer and rehabilitation planning and consultation service for cancer patients; and 
  • International SOS 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Service. 

2. No-claim premium discounts as much as 25% to reward healthy living individuals and families

vCANsurance is designed with a no-claim premium discount that rewards healthy living customers. If no claim is made for two or more consecutive policy years, a maximum discount of 15% (see Table 2.1) will be automatically applied to the next renewal premium, regardless of the age of the customers. For customers who have their loved ones registered as insured persons, vCANsurance provides an additional no-claim premium discount of up to 10% (see Table 2.2) if they and their loved ones have not made any claim for two or more consecutive policy years, making the total discounts as high as 25%. The greater the number of insured persons who stay healthy, the higher the savings the policy holders can enjoy.

Table 1 – vCANsurance Medical Plan’s annual premium example (based on an insured male whose attained age is 30)

Standard plan (Certificate number: F00051-01-000-01)

Superior plan (Certification Number: F00051-02-000-01)

HK$ 4,515

HK$ 8,415

The premiums mentioned do not include levy which is collected by the Insurance Authority.

Table 2.1 – vCANsurance Medical Plan’s No Claim Premium Discount for Individual
If the policy holder has not made any claim for 2 or more consecutive policy years prior to policy’s renewal, vCANsurance will offer him/her a discount of up to 15% on his/her next renewal premium as follows: 

No claim period immediately prior to policy ‘s renewal

No claim premium discount

(Discount rate on renewal premium)

2 consecutive policy years


3 consecutive policy years


4 consecutive policy years


5 or more consecutive policy years


Table 2.2 – vCANsurance Medical Plan’s Extra No Claim Premium Discount 
For the policies held by a policy holder with him/herself and his/her specified relatives as the insured persons, vCANsurance offers an extra no claim premium discounts on renewal premiums if the policy holder and his/her specified relatives have not made any claim for 2 or more consecutive policy years prior to renewal with details as follows: 

Number of in-force vCANsurance Medical Plan policies issued to the policy holder(which are also eligible for the individual no claim premium discount in Table 2.1 on the policy renewal date)

Extrano claim premium discount for the eligible policies

(Discount rate on renewal premium)

2 or 3




5 or above


3. Complimentary add-ons further boosting value for money:
  • Complementary newborn care3: The newborns of the insured customers of vCANsurance will be entitled to complimentary protection of a designated medical plan for one year after the policy has been in-force for two or more consecutive policy years.  
  • Reimbursement for engaging in wellness activities3Insured customers of vCANsurance can reimburse their expenses on wellness activities, including travel, fitness/wellness courses or healthy check-up with a maximum amount of HK$2,000 once every five consecutive policy years. 
3. The benefit/service is optional and does not form part of the Terms and Benefits of the VHIS Certified Plan – vCANsurance Medical Plan (Certification Number: F00051). You have the right to opt-out this benefit/service. Please inform FWD in writing if you do not want to receive this free additional benefit/service. The professional health services are provided by third party service provider(s) which are not guaranteed renewable. 
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