FWD Engages Community Care Partners for Official Launch of House 1881

Heritage-inspired art installation designed for the opening is built on connections and collaboration

Hong Kong, 2 May 2019 – To celebrate the official opening of House 1881 in May, FWD Group (“FWD”) is collaborating with its local CSR partner, Special Olympics Hong Kong (“SOHK”) and local Hong Kong charity St. James’ Settlement to create a unique art piece called “The.Dovecote@1881”. 

Intended to honour the heritage of the site and engage the community, the art installation pays tribute to the former Marine Police Headquarters. Designed by home-grown artist and upcycling activist Kevin Cheung, the artwork draws inspiration from the original pigeon houses that were once a common feature – and a primary form of communication – at the former Marine Police Headquarters. 

Using discarded wooden wine boxes collected from the property to promote sustainability, around 30 athlete leaders from SOHK and members of St. James’ Settlement joined to handcraft 330 individual pigeon houses. These unique pigeon boxes will be artfully arranged within a bamboo-constructed tunnel and unveiled at the official House 1881 opening ceremony on May 8 this year. 

This latest project is one of several ongoing initiatives FWD has launched to help Hong Kong’s disadvantaged. In completing the project, FWD hopes the athlete leaders from SOHK and members of St. James’ Settlement could be able to develop their potential, build their confidence and cultivate social interactions.

“This initiative reflects FWD’s commitment to engage the community in meaningful ways. It brings us great joy and fulfillment to give the participants a unique opportunity to cultivate both practical and social skills,” said Ken Lau, Managing Director of Greater China and Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer of FWD. “This artwork will commemorate a new chapter for this landmark site while honouring its heritage and will be a centerpiece for House 1881’s official opening ceremony.” 

“It’s an honour to help create this art installation for House 1881’s official opening,” explained artist Kevin Cheung. “The piece celebrates the rich history of the location, but is also designed to promote sustainability. The project had special significance for me as it gave me an opportunity to collaborate with athlete leaders from SOHK and members of St. James’ Settlement and gives added depth and meaning to the art piece.” 

– Ends –

Local artist and upcycling activist Kevin Cheung briefs athlete leaders from Special Olympics Hong Kong on the assembly of the pigeon houses.

Athlete leaders from Special Olympics Hong Kong carefully assemble the delicate parts of “The.Dovecote@1881” and then place their handwritten messages inside the pigeon houses. The art installation provides them with a platform to share their heartfelt thoughts and wishes with the world.

Kevin and the athlete leaders successfully assemble pigeon houses for “The.Dovecote@1881”. In completing the project, FWD hopes the participants will be able to develop their potential, build their confidence and cultivate their social interaction.

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About House 1881

House 1881 is a cultural landmark and the former Hong Kong Marine Police Headquarters. Comprising a boutique hotel and unique dining concepts, this historic site reflects FWD’s mission to ‘Celebrate Living’ by providing enriching and interactive experiences. 

The property’s historic courtyard and surrounding gardens showcase its legacy and heritage value to both locals and tourists alike. House 1881 offers FWD a unique opportunity to engage with the community in meaningful ways through cultural activities and events while preserving one of Hong Kong’s iconic landmarks. 

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