FWD partners with top-notched hospital networks in the Pan-Asian region to elevate advanced medical treatments to TheOne Medical Solution’s customers

FWD launches market’s first Pan-Asian one-stop health management service

Hong Kong, 15 August 2017 – FWD today revealed its partnership with top-notched medical networks in Pan-Asia, launching the market’s first Pan-Asian one-stop health management service - the PREMIER THE ONEcierge One Team Health Management (“PREMIER THE ONEcierge”) for its customers of TheOne Medical Solution.

As an exclusive, value-added service of high-end medical insurance, TheOne Medical Solution, PREMIER THE ONEcierge provides customers with hassle-free access to advanced treatment options through a vast network of over 130 top-tier hospitals in the Pan-Asian region including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.

Paul Tse, Chief Marketing Officer of FWD Hong Kong and Macau, explained, “What PREMIER THE ONEcierge offers goes far beyond traditional insurance; it is more of a one-stop, Pan-Asian health management solution. In April 2015, we firstly launched THE ONEcierge One Team Health Management, which has been of invaluable help to our insured customers with its hassle-free service that admits patients promptly to private hospitals in Hong Kong for professional treatments. Expanding the service’s network from Hong Kong to many more hospitals throughout the Pan-Asian region will allow our customers to circumvent domestic capacity constraints and get access to more top-quality and the most relevant treatment options.”

The 130-plus top-tier hospitals comprised in the expanded network of PREMIER THE ONEcierge include numerous renowned, highly-praised medical facilities that have claimed many firsts in Asia. In China, 22 of the network’s 90 hospitals that span 19 provinces and 41 cities are listed in 2016 China’s Top 100 Hospitals Leaderboard. In Taiwan, the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is home to Asia’s largest proton therapy cancer treatment centre; while in Singapore, Parkway Hospitals Singapore boast several firsts in the region and offer an enhanced hospital experience with their tastefully styled interiors.

Simply by calling PREMIER THE ONEcierge’s 24-hour reservation hotline, insured customers of TheOne Medical Solution can enjoy the exclusive one-stop treatment arrangement service provided by a dedicated team of medical professionals (note 1), and gain hassle-free access to an extended, Pan-Asian network of top-tier hospitals. Through the Inpatient Medical Advice Service (note 2), insured customers who have been diagnosed with serious diseases and have obtained a hospital admission letter will be able to receive inpatient medical advice which include assessment and elaboration on the insured’s medical reports, alternative medical treatment options and estimated medical expenses in the Pan-Asian region.

From pre- to post-treatment, PREMIER THE ONEcierge offers seamless medical services covering treatment advice and referral, specialist consultation, hospital admission and treatment, application for claim-free settlement of Cashless Facility (note 3) and more. It also provides customers with Pan-Asian travel-related assistance, including flights, accommodation, ground transfer and visa application (note 4).

Paul added, “We aim at continuously enhancing our customers’ experience by anticipating needs, and making insurance easier and more convenient to use. Through PREMIER THE ONEcierge, our customers can gain hassle-free access to top-quality treatments in time of need. So that they can focus on healing, and not be burdened at an already difficult time with finding the right hospitals, booking for treatments, managing payments and filing insurance claim forms.

The above information is for reference only and is indicative of the key features of the PREMIER THE ONEcierge. For a complete explanation of PREMIER THE ONEcierge and TheOne Medical Solution, please refer to their product leaflets and the latter’s policy provisions.


  1. The PREMIER THE ONEcierge One Team Health Management (“PREMIER THE ONEcierge”) is provided by HealthMutual Group Limited (“HMG”) and its healthcare network team, and Parkway Hospitals Singapore (“Parkway”). PREMIER THE ONEcierge is only applicable to, and is not a part of the policy or a benefit item under the Policy Provisions of TheOne Medical Solution and/or designated insurance basic plans. FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD”) reserves the right to terminate or vary PREMIER THE ONEcierge in its sole discretion without further notice. FWD shall not be responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of HMG and its healthcare network team, and Parkway. PREMIER THE ONEcierge is only applicable in Pan-Asia Region.
  2. Inpatient Medical Advice Service is provided by HMG and its healthcare network team and this service offers inpatient medical advice for the Insured of TheOne Medical Solution. Should the insured be diagnosed with serious diseases and obtain a hospital admission letter , HMG will make an assessment based on the insured’s medical reports as appropriate, including explanations of the medical report, alternative medical treatment and estimated associated medical expenses in the Pan-Asia Region. A final decision on the medical treatment arrangement shall be made solely by the insured. Please note that Inpatient Medical Advice shall not be considered as medical consultation. If the insured would like to have medical consultation, all relevant costs will be borne by the insured. FWD reserves the right to terminate or vary this service in its sole discretion without further notice.
  3. Cashless Facility is an administrative arrangement to pay the covered expenditures when the insured is under confinement, but not a benefit item under Policy Provisions or a guaranteed successful arrangement. FWD reserves the right to terminate or vary the service in its sole discretion without further notice. FWD would pay the medical cost to the relevant hospital on behalf of the insured after successful arrangement of Cashless Facility. If there is Annual Deductible in the policy of the insured (if applicable), the policyowner is required to pay such balance upon admission of hospitalisation. If the medical cost paid by FWD is higher than the maximum amount of the benefits entitled by the insured, FWD would seek reimbursement from the policyowner for such amount.
  4. The insured is responsible for all relevant fees and charges required of the travel and accommodation related items. Travel related assistance is only applicable to Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.

- End -

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