FWD announces Title Sponsorship of “FWD North Pole Marathon 2017”

Hong Kong Marathon Elites Chan Ka-ho and Former Hong Kong Olympics Track Team Member Christy Yiu are Getting Ready to Challenge the World's Coolest Marathon

FWD North Pole Marathon 2017

Hong Kong, 23 March 2017 – FWD Hong Kong is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the “FWD North Pole Marathon 2017", a highly-anticipated race to be held at the extreme 89° latitude North on 9th April. Through this challenging and physically demanding marathon race, FWD aspires to encourage everyone to stay true to our passion, live life to the fullest and not to easily give up on our goals.    
David Wong, Chief Executive Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, said, "We are excited to be part of the FWD North Pole Marathon 2017. Through the sponsorship, not only can we support the dedicated marathon elites to challenge themselves and excel, but also spread the very positive and powerful message of living life with passion and having the courage to break through, which resonates perfectly with FWD brand’s values.”
In addition to being the Title Sponsor, FWD is pleased to invite Hong Kong Marathon elites Chan Ka-ho and former Hong Kong Olympics Track Team member Christy Yiu Kit-ching to challenge this coldest and most extreme marathon on the planet. Also representing FWD will be two members from FWD Hong Kong who are also very experienced marathon runners, and two professional long-run champions from Nepal wishing to raise funds for their hometowns. 

Chan Ka-ho, “I had always been interested in the North Pole Marathon, but was not able to take part in it for a number of reasons. The invitation of FWD comes at this very perfect timing as I have just returned to the race field. I am really thrilled and excited about this once in a lifetime chance. After discussing with my wife (Christy Yiu), we have decided to take this challenge, to break beyond our frontiers and experience a very different marathon together. The comprehensive insurance cover, transportation and accommodation taken care of by FWD also enable us to focus well on preparing for and enjoying the race.”  

Christy Yiu Kit-ching said, “Since the last Olympic games I had actually not been in a fully active training and competition mode. The invitation of FWD to Ka-ho and myself is indeed a very precious opportunity for both of us to challenge and experience the coldest marathon in the world. I am sure this will be one of our greatest memories in our life. What’s more I can also take this chance to kick start my preparation for the next Olympic Games.” 

The FWD North Pole Marathon 2017 is organised by Global Running Adventures, Inc. Guided by the spirit of ”Survival of the Farthest”, this project aims to deliver world-class running experiences in the most challenging and remote locations on the planet. This meaningful event shares the same spirit with the FWD brand - dare to challenge ourselves and breakthrough.

The six team members representing FWD include: 

  • Chan Ka-ho, winner of Men’s 10km Challenge in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2017; and Christy Yiu Kit Ching, former Hong Kong Olympics Track Team member;  
  • Two FWD Insurance Representatives: Steve Lo, first Hong Kong recipient of "World Marathon Majors"; and Andy Chik, an experienced runner who recently completed the World Marathon Challenge, "7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Days"; and
  • Two long-run champions from Nepal: Bhim Bahadur Gurung and Samir Tamang. They are raising money for their hometowns.

With the goal to challenge themselves and breakthrough, together, the six team members will seize this opportunity to challenge the coldest extreme and conquer the 89° latitude North!

To prepare for the challenging race, FWD has arranged a series of sub-zero (-20C degrees) training in March to help the team strengthen their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance which will be needed under extremely cold weather. For instance, running on deep snow will require much greater lower limb strength and can consume multiple times more energy than in normal weather.

To ensure their body conditions are suitable for the race, all members of the FWD team have taken a comprehensive health check tailored for athletes. FWD also provides insurance cover which includes worldwide travel insurance and individual accidental insurance for the team to focus on preparing for the race and enjoying the journey.

FWD North Pole Marathon 2017 Timetable:
(The schedule may change subject to weather conditions)

3 April

Midnight Departure from Hong Kong (2-3 nights of stay in Norway)

6 April

From Oslo, Norway to Svalbard

7 April

Pre-Departure briefing

8 April

Fly to North Pole camp

9 April

FWD North Pole Marathon
* Norway time zone (GMT/UTC -6h) will be used as the North Pole does not have a specific time zone.

10 April

Return to Svalbard

12 April

Departure from Oslo

13 April

Arrive Hong Kong

live up adulthood

FWD team being trained in a -20C degrees cold storage
FWD North Pole Marathon 2017

(From left to right) Christy Yiu, Chan Ka-ho training with the rowing machines
FWD North Pole Marathon 2017

Cold storage’s temperature dropping gradually to sub-zero
FWD North Pole Marathon 2017

(From left to right) Steve Lo, Chan Ka-ho, Christy Yiu, and Andy Chik

- End -

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