FWD’s Revolutionary App Drives Car Insurance into a New Era

Elevates mobile and motor experience, rewards safe driving and promotes road safety

Hong Kong, 6 October 2016 — FWD announces the launch of FWD Drivamatics mobile app, a first in Hong Kong which records driving habits and rewards good driving behavior. 

Launched alongside FWD Drivamatics mobile app is MotorSmart Insurance, FWD’s new, online motor insurance that can be purchased at FWD’s e-commerce platform https://i.fwd.com.hk/en

Paul Tse, Chief Marketing Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, said, “The strategic, packaged launch of FWD Drivamatics mobile app and MotorSmart Insurance is a first for the Hong Kong insurance industry. The app promotes safe driving, and brings about new experiences and social engagement in innovative ways while serving customers’ motor insurance needs with a simple and competitively priced product.” 

For every driver in Hong Kong, FWD Drivamatics mobile app is free to download and is supported by both Android and iOS platforms. It can record each ride in detail and rate the safe-driving quality based on a comprehensive range of factors including smooth acceleration, braking technique, turning technique, concentration (e.g. number of phone calls), and safe speed. Through the MotorSmart Award programme, policyholders of MotorSmart Insurance who have not made any claims in the past policy year will be awarded with cash rebates ranging from 10% to 30% of the total premiums paid for that policy year, based on their driving scores. The cash rebate is an instant award for the past policy year, and is offered on top of the NCD (no claim discount).     

“This innovative reward programme is designed to incentivize safe driving in a more proactive and informative way that enables the drivers to understand their driving habits and make targeted improvement. It builds upon the conventional NCD model that offers motor insurance discounts for the next policy year based usually on one to five years of no-claim record. In addition to the cash rebates, we also have a series of exciting merchant offers and experiences in the pipeline to reward good driving behavior.” Paul added.  

Ted Wai, General Manager, FWD General Insurance Company Limited, said, “The new, online MotorSmart Insurance, will provide our customers with an alternative channel to get motor protection from us, aligning with our omni-channel strategy. Through the Drivamatics mobile app and MotorSmart Award programme, we want to help promote safe and responsible driving behaviour, which would help to reduce traffic accidents and hence minimise casualty and property loss.” 

FWD Drivamatics mobile app has the added benefit of enriching drivers’ social engagement. Users can share their driving scores with friends and establish rankings within their driving communities. The experiences can also be shared on Facebook.

To learn more about FWD Drivamatics mobile app and MotorSmart Insurance, please visit https://i.fwd.com.hk/en/motor-insurance/ or call our 24-hour service hotline at +852 3123 3123.

FWD’s new MotorSmart Insurance can be purchased directly on FWD’s e-commerce platform at https://i.fwd.com.hk/en

The MotorSmart Award programme of FWD Drivamatics mobile app provides cash rebates ranging from 10% to 30% of the total premiums paid based on their driving scores.

The above information is for reference only and is indicative of the key features of FWD Drivamatics mobile app and MotorSmart Insurance. For a complete explanation of the terms and conditions, please refer to the Product Brochure and Policy Provisions.

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