FWD Launches the “Wait-free Surprises” Campaign

Challenges the local phenomenon of waiting and is ready to give away a series of “Wait-free Surprises” through the “Long-awaited Map” online game

Hong Kong, 26 May, 2016 ─ FWD Hong Kong launches the "Wait-free Surprises" campaign, inviting people to vote for their most awaited experiences through the “Long-awaited Map” online game, and be rewarded with instant prizes and opportunities to win “Wait-free Surprises”.

As an activation project of FWD’s "Live For Now" brand campaign, the "Wait-free Surprises" campaign1 aims to reinforce the message of taking the opportunities now to live life to the fullest without waiting, in a simple and interactive way. To allow participants to experience and enjoy their preferred activities without those long waits in lines, a series of sought-after activities in Hong Kong have been selected to create "Wait-free Surprises".

Paul Tse, Chief Marketing Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau said, "Hong Kong people are already very busy. Yet every day we spend hours waiting, such as lining up for buses, waiting for seats at restaurants, stuck in a long line to get into an entertainment complex, waiting for children to be admitted to schools and so on. Resonating with our belief that insurance should be closely connected to our everyday life by covering a lifetime of todays, at FWD we believe in living the moment with passion. In a bid to encourage people to take their opportunities today and realise their goals without hesitation, we have created a series of "Wait-free Surprises” to help remind people that sometimes we just should not wait."

FWD’s "Wait-free Surprises" campaign will be held from 26 May through to 17 June in three individual rounds2. Participants can simply visit (https://fwdwaitfree.com/), vote for their most awaited item from the “Long-awaited Map” and submit their participation information. After a successful entry submission, each eligible participant will receive an instant prize of a 30% discount on FWD’s TravelCare Insurance. Participants also have a chance to win the "Wait-free Surprise" – for every hour of each round, the first person who voted for the item which becomes that round’s “Wait-free Surprise” by accumulating the most votes has a chance to win that “Wait-free Surprise”.

Items on the “Long-awaited Map” to be voted for include waiting for seats at dessert places, waiting to meet and greet pop idols, lining up for taxis and so on. The results of each round will be published on the following day at noon on both the “Wait-free Surprises” campaign website and Facebook page of FWD Hong Kong & Macau.

The “Long-awaited Map” of FWD’s "Wait-free Surprises" campaign:


  1. FWD’s "Wait-free Surprises" campaign is available in Chinese language only and is subject to the terms and conditions listed at https://fwdwaitfree.com/#terms. Participants are required to read through and accept the terms and conditions before taking part in the campaign.
  2. Dates and time of the 3 Rounds:

    Round 1:

    26 May (00:00) to 1 June  (23:59), 2016

    Round 2:

    2 June (00:00)  to 9 June (23:59), 2016

    Round 3:

    10 June (00:00) to 17 June (23:59), 2016

- End -

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