FWD is Ready to Help People Make the Impossible Possible

With the “Live Your Passion” Campaign

Hong Kong, 29 April, 2016 - FWD Hong Kong (“FWD”) is ready to help people make the impossible possible! In the newly launched “Live Your Passion” campaign, FWD will support three (3) campaign winners to turn their wild, creative, passionate goals into reality.

Paul Tse, Chief Marketing Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, said, “The “Live Your Passion” campaign is driven by our brand’s proposition of empowering people to live life to the full now with optimism, energy and confidence. When we are young, we dare to dream and dare to think big. But as we grow up, we may have become very focused on our career or family, and put our wild thoughts and passion aside.”

“While reinforcing the “Get ready to live” spirit, through the “Live Your Passion” campaign, we wish to inspire and support people to pick up their passion again, and turn wild thinking into reality now, no need to wait for years or till retirement!” Paul added.

FWD invites Hong Kong and Macau residents to submit their wild ideas, childhood dreams, or life goals to WWW.FWD.COM.HK/FWDSE7EN by 8 May, 2016 (Sun). Three campaign winners will be selected to receive full support of the FWD Passion Team in realising their wild ideas. Each of the three winners will also receive a travel coupon valued at HK$30,000 and FWD annual travel insurance. The winner with the best idea will be supported by the production team of ViuTV’s programme “FWD SE7EN”*, with the process of his/her idea realisation being filmed and broadcast on ViuTV as well as selected online platforms.

Details of the “Live Your Passion” campaign:

Participant Eligibility


  • 18 years of age or above
  • Holder of valid Hong Kong or Macau Identity Card

  • Submission Deadline


    8 May, 2016 (Sun at 11:59 pm)

    Submission Details



    Prizes for Three Winners


  • A travel coupon valued at HK$30,000
  • FWD annual travel insurance – Plan A valued at HK$1,800

  • Terms & Conditions


    The “Live Your Passion” Campaign (the “Campaign”) is offered by FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD”) and supported by the TV programme “SE7EN” of ViuTV. The Campaign is subject to the terms and conditions listed out at https://www.fwd.com.hk/en/fwdse7en/terms-and-conditions/. Participants must read through the terms and conditions before participating in the Campaign. By submitting their entries, participants have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions, and other rules issued by FWD from time to time.

    * “FWD SE7EN” is a reality show documenting the experiences of its seven hosts in turning their wild, childhood dreams into reality, such as drifting in a paper boat or floating with hundreds of balloons. The show is being broadcast on ViuTV (free TV channel 99) every Sunday, 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm, until 5 June 2016.

    - End -

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