FWD launches 'You dare to go, we dare to protect' campaign

FWD’s new offering encourages young people to explore and enjoy the endless possibilities of working holidays

Hong Kong, 8 September 2015 - FWD Hong Kong lives up its “Get Ready To Live” brand spirit and launches ‘You dare to go, we dare to protect’ promotional campaign for Working HolidayCare Insurance, which provides comprehensive protection for working holidays goers (between age 18 and age 30).

Albert Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, FWD Hong Kong & Macau said, “The Working Holiday Scheme has been gaining popularity among the young generation of Hong Kong. It provides great opportunities for Hong Kong’s youth to experience different cultures and broaden their horizons by working and travelling overseas. To encourage working holiday goers to explore the world and take their opportunities, we were inspired to theme our campaign ‘You dare to go, we dare to protect’. We also wish to help people to pursue goals and live life to the fullest at all exciting phases of their lives.”

Debuting with a bus shelter interactive device, the multimedia campaign also consists of other out-of-home advertising, a magazine cover story in “East Touch”, working with bloggers to inspire their working holiday posts, and co-producing a song about exploration created by local indie band New Youth Barbershop for FWD.

The FWD Blog (http://blog.fwd.com.hk/en_US/) is ready to introduce a series of unusual working holiday jobs. A few of the weekly features that resonate with FWD’s innovative spirit are “Human Bed Warmer”, “Human Scarecrow”, “Pumpkin Delivery Specialist”, and “Garbage Detective”.

Ted Wai, General Manager, FWD General Insurance Company Limited commented, “In addition to catering to market’s growing needs, Working HolidayCare Insurance also further enriches our diversified general insurance offerings. The plan’s coverage spans 365 days and has no excess for any benefits.” Ted added, “Some distinguishing features include a “loss of income” benefit - if the insured is hospitalised due to injury for 7 days or more, or his or her working holiday employer’s business winds up, a HK$3,000 cash allowance (HK$1,000 each week, up to a maximum of 3 weeks) will be provided to the insured as financial support (Note 1). The plan also provides worldwide protection (except for employment related features), which means the insured can travel to another country for vacation during his/her working holiday and still covered for Medical Expenses and Personal Accident (both cover incidents caused by act of terrorism), Cancellation Charge or Curtailment of Trip, and Personal Liability Benefits etc.” (Note 1)

Working HolidayCare Insurance can be applied for conveniently via FWD’s digital commerce platform https://i.fwd.com.hk/en/home. Customers can call FWD’s 24-hour customer service hotline at 3123 3123 for professional support by customer service officers, anytime, anywhere. Customers can note a full premium refund will be provided in case the customer’s working holiday visa application is not successful (3 months from policy effective date).

From now until 24 September, the public is invited to take our ‘You dare to go, we dare to protect’ challenge. Promotional flyers will be given out at the bus shelter device in Causeway Bay (next to Sogo) and by scanning the QR code on the flyer and registering at our registration page, participants will be entitled to a free Working HolidayCare Insurance (a total of 100 plans), or a 30% off on FWD TravelCare Insurance. (Note 2)

The latest promotional visuals of FWD Working HolidayCare Insurance. The Pumpkin Delivery Specialise and Hamburger Chef are 2 of the interesting working holiday jobs that will be featured on FWD Blog looking to inspire people to explore the world and embrace different experiences.

FWD’s registration page is up for youngsters at 30 or below to take their challenge and stand a chance to win a free Working HolidayCare Insurance policy.

  1. Product features of FWD Working HolidayCare Insurance include:
    1.1. Innovative “Loss of Income”: If the insured is hospitalised in the working holiday visa-issuing country due to an accidental injury and is unable to return to work for 7 days or more, or his/her employer is bankrupt or winds up the business, the insured will be provided a cash allowance of up to HK$3,000 (HK$1,000 each week).

    1.2. Comprehensive protection with worldwide coverage (except for items related to employment(s)), such as Medical Expenses, Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services, Personal Accident, Major Burns, Personal Liability, Cancellation and Curtailment of Trip and Loss of Travel Document

    1.3. Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services is provided by International SOS. 

    1.4. Coverage up to 365 days and no excess for all benefits. 

  2. From now on until 24 September 2015, 6:00 p.m., the public can obtain promotional flyers at the out-of-home bus shelter interactive device located at the Hennessy Road bus station (near Sogo Department Store), Causeway Bay. Receivers can scan the QR code on the flyer, login to the registration page and complete registration, and be entitled to a free FWD Working HolidayCare Insurance. This offer is eligible to participants who can submit proof of working holiday scheme. Other participants are eligible to enjoy a 30% discount on FWD TravelCare Insurance. For details of the terms and conditions, please visit https://fwdworkingholiday.com.

The above information is for reference only and is indicative of the key features of Working HolidayCare Insurance. For details of the product including its coverage and exclusions, please visit https://i.fwd.com.hk/en/home and refer to the Product Brochure and Policy Provisions.


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