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This year FWD is going further than ever! We are backing the North Pole Marathon! A team of Hong Kong runners including a disabled runner will join others fitness enthusiasts from Asia to form a team of 11 to run this amazing race. In the spirit of One Team One FWD and the passion of "We Are What We Can", they will explore countless possibilities above 89° N and raise money for the Hong Chi Association and Special Olympics Hong Kong.

FWD North Pole Marathon 2018

Runners from all over the world will overcome the harsh weather conditions to compete in the coolest marathon on earth.


Thank you for your participation!

#IAmWhatICan Run for the charity

Our North Pole Marathon runners - Gi Ka Man, Leung Siu Wai and Chik Wing Keung, are not just running to break their own boundaries, they are also running to raise money for the Special Olympics Hong Kong and the Hong Chi Association.

You can do the same!

Start running and keep track of how far you run. For everyone who accumulates 42,195 kilometers or more (one full marathon) - we will donate a total of HK $ 50 for each successful record to Special Olympics Hong Kong, and the Hong Chi Association once. With the support and participation from the public, the campaign has raised HK$100,000 for the two charitable organizations.

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Fact Of The Race

Ice Racing

The competition will be hold in the Arctic Ocean in the Arctic Circle, the huge and thick ice in around beyond 89° -90°N. This is the first ever ice marathon in the world.

A Race Track Round The North Pole

The North Pole Marathon will be held over 10 -12 laps of a 4-kilometre+ ice circuit right on the frozen arctic ice at the North Pole.

Time At The North Pole

The race will start on April 9. However, at this time of year there is almost no sunset and therefore no ‘night time’. Therefore, the conference will refer to the time of the last departure.

Top Runners In The World

Of the more than 480 runners who have participated in the North Pole Marathon, the fastest time was 3:36:10 (man) and 4:52:45 (woman). The oldest male runner was 78 and the oldest female runner 66!

Fun Facts

Race Gear

Layering clothing is necessary to keep runners warm and dry in cold climate. It includes a sweat-wicking and breathable base layer, a warm mid layer and a windproof outer shell that can be removed when the body gets warmer. Waterproof shoes and wool socks are essential!

Skincare Against The Cold

Waterproof material shoes with wool socks are not enough. You must keep your face and hands protected to prevent your skin being frozen by low temperature and cold winds.

Energy Recharge

During the race, runners can take a rest inside the camp after each track. It is recommended to prepare energy bar, energy gel, energy drink powder, instant food and nuts for quick energy recovery.


The first crew members will land at the site by air to prepare for the race. The supplies and participants will also arrive by air depending on the ice and weather conditions.

Polar Bears!

Bears are curious creatures so with all the excitement they may want to have a look – or maybe even join in. However, just in case of any grumpy bears, the staff pay close attention so the runners will be absolutely safe!

Do I Need A Visa?

The North Pole does not belong to any country, so there are no immigration officials, and no need to get a visa.

Run With Music

Follow FWD runners from Hong Kong to North Pole Marathon 2018! Run and challenge yourself with every beat, every step!

Check out the latest FWD Spotify playlist for motivation! WE ARE WHAT WE CAN!

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