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12 APR

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FWD North Pole Marathon 2019

Run to the top of the world and compete in the World’s Coolest Marathon! FWD is backing the North Pole Marathon for the third year in a row, striving to conquer the extreme weather of -40°c with passion!

FWD Hong Kong Runner


Annie Liu

Annie Liu

As a famous artiste, Annie commits herself to join an open running event for 10 consecutive years. From 10 km to half marathon, from Hong Kong to the North Pole, Annie accepts challenges with no fear.

Andy Leung

Andy Leung

With experience running 10km and half marathon, the local singer got into running only to improve his singing. However, he gradually found more passion in running. Though with injuries, he never gives up as he believes every step will take him further.

Hard Tsui

Hard Tsui

HK marathon runner, who set a new standard for Hong Kong Chinese Marathoners at 2:24:43 during the Berlin Marathon 2018. He devoted himself to running – he quitted his job and went to Kenya for training to get closer to reaching his dream.

Send cheers to our runners for the charity

Let our North Pole Marathon runners hear from you! From now till 14 April, send your cheer message to support the runners via our chatbot - FWD will donate HK$50 for each message to Special Olympics Hong Kong and the Hong Chi Association. Act now!

Terms and conditions


Facts of the race

The Northernmost Marathon

The Northernmost Marathon

Located between 89N and 90N, with an average temperature of -25°C to -30°C, the race is recognised by the Guinness World Records as the northernmost marathon on earth.

Run on Water

Run on Water

The race is the only marathon that is held entirely “on” water, a huge body of frozen water.

The Runway

The Runway

The race runs in a contained circuit with flags to guide the runners. Full marathon runners need to run around 10 laps of about 4km each.

The Moving Track

The Moving Track

The entire ice sheet move along with the ocean current, though runners could hardly feel the slight movement.

Fun Facts

Polar Bears!

Camp operators will make sure the race track is “bear-free”, not to mention the fact that polar bears seldom travel that far to the north, so runners are absolutely safe!

Race Gear

Only trail running shoes instead of snowshoes are allowed in the race, as snowshoes could cut the lining of the tents used for refreshments and accommodation.

No Visa

Visitors don’t need a visa as the North Pole does not belong to any country. But some people may still require a visa to visit Svalbard!


Depending on the ice and weather conditions, all the supplies of the race will be dropped from air to the site. Even the first crew members will arrive by air.

Energy Recharge

During the race, runners can take a rest inside the refreshment camp after each track to quickly recover energy.

Marathon Grand Slam Club

It’s not easy to get the title! Runners have to complete a marathon on ALL the 7 continents including the North Pole Marathon!

Don’t forget to support the racer you love and as you do, FWD will donate to the supported charities.

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