FWD offers a career launch pad for our advisors, helping them pursue their professional development. Our advisors are encouraged to formulate their desired path and are given support and relevant training so that they may accomplish their goals. We offer all our advisors the opportunities they need to advance quickly and excel in their field. Come, soar with FWD.

Road to succcess

Generous income

Looking for a million dollar paycheck? It’s well within your reach. In the financial advisory industry, there is no limit on earning potential. You determine how much you can make with your abilities as an advisor. As your career advancement brings higher incomes, you can look forward to achieving your life goals much faster and easier.

Career outlook

Everyone has financial needs at each stage of life, regardless of the economic or social climate. Financial advisor is a recession-proof profession and you can benefit from this constantly growing and evolving industry.

Personal development

This industry offers various professional qualifications that are internationally recognised, such as Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP), for the best talent to be duly recognised and to advance in their career.

Work with a purpose

Every policy conveys a promise and trust, from the insurance provider to its customers. According to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, there were around 9.81 million non-linked policies in force at the end of 2015. You too can be part of the many financial advisors who have helped millions of families stay protected and benefit from insurance.

Work-life balance

You are your own boss as a financial advisor. You have the flexibility to plan your time with family, pursue your interests and see your personal development grow to support the lifestyle of your choice.

Training support

Whether you’re a newcomer, or enhancing your skillset to be a business leader, FWD offers a series of comprehensive training programmes in your pursuit of excellence and professionalism at various stages of your career. FWD helps you continue your growth as a professional.


Ivy Liu

Apart from Quality Manager Award (QMA) and Quality Leader Award (QLA), Ivy was also awarded the Highest Achievement Award (Gold), Top Production Region Award (2nd Runner-up), MDRT Region and Elite Manager in 2016. She has proved herself to be a great leader. Her effort paid throughout the years was well-recognised and well-rewarded.

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Corinna Lam

In 2016, Corinna was the Agency Director of the Year (Champion) and she also won the Elite Manager award. We believe she will not only continue to be the performer in the future, but also a collaborator, a challenger and eventually a champion.

Janet Chau

Janet was a Top of the Table (TOT) Member in 2017. In addition to being the awardee of Quality Manager Award (QMA) and Quality Advisor Award (QAA), she was also our Agency Manager of the Year (Champion), Agent of the Year (Production) – 8th Runner-up, and Elite Manager in 2016. Janet has strived to do her best for all her customers.

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Betty Hau

Betty was a Top of the Table (TOT) Member in 2017 as well as the winner of Distinguished Manager Award (DMA) and Quality Advisor Award (QAA) in 2016. Besides, Betty was the winner of many of our company awards, including Agent of the Year (Production) - Champion, Branch Manager of the Year - Champion, Elite Manager and Kings Club member. Betty has definitely showed her eagerness to be successful over the past years and she will surely keep shining in the future.

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