STAY HOME is the best way to help fighting the COVID-19 outbreak together. FWD together with our Partners encourage you to continue to STAY HOME and enjoy delicious cuisine, entertainment and moments of yours and with your family, and get covered under the FREE COVID-19 Protection Offer for you to register.

FREE COVID-19 Protection Offer

Hospital Cash

  • HK$5,000 per week, up to 8 weeks (a partial week will be counted as a full week) if the Eligible Person is diagnosed within the Effective Period and requires hospitalization;
  • An advanced payment of 4 weeks, equals to a one-off payment of HK$20,000, will be paid once the Effective Period is diagnosed.

Compassionate Cash

  • HK$200,000 will be paid if the Eligible Person is diagnosed of COVID-19 and passes away as a direct result within the Effective Period.

Effective Period
45 days (commencing from the following day after the Date of Registration)

Promotion Period
From 17 Apr 2020 till 15 June 2020 (both dates inclusive).

  • Applicant who is a Hong Kong or Macau ID card holder, who is aged 18 or above and currently residing in Hong Kong or Macau.
  • The applicants' children aged below 18 and residing in the same address as the applicant (if applicable)

For enquiries, please contact FWD agents or our customer service hotline
Hong Kong: (852) 3123 3123 / Macau: (853) 8988 6060

Our Partners

Enjoy services from our selected Partners and register FWD COVID-19 Protection Offer for FREE.


3 simple steps to register

1) Make purchase/redemptions through our Partners’ website or mobile app
2) Click the below link to FWD Free COVID-19 Protection Offer registration page
3) Fill the referral code provided by our Partners and complete the registration.

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