Special measures taken in regard to the Novel Coronavirus

In view of the latest development of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, FWD has launched a suite of special measures. Please click here to find out more.

Novel Coronavirus – Travel Insurance FAQ

1. Is it covered if my trip is cancelled?
On 31 January, 2020 (Hong Kong time), WHO made a final decision to determine that the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. If your planned journey destination is a confirmed infected country or region, so that you cannot start the journey, you can apply for Cancellation Charges Benefit according to policy terms and conditions.

2. Policy terms and conditions do not specify according to WHO standards
The insurance industry will generally take the WHO announcement as an indicator. This indicator is also widely accepted and applied.

3. Cut-off time
It is recommended that once your journey is confirmed, it is best to insure as soon as possible.

To enjoy the benefits of Cancellation Charges and Curtailment of Trip caused by Novel Coronavirus, the insurance certificate must be issued before the dates and times as shown below:

• if the planned destination of the journey is Wuhan or transit via Wuhan, the insurance certificate must be issued before 10:00 am on 23 January 2020 (Hong Kong time);
• if the planned destination of the journey is other provinces in China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, United States, Canada, France, Finland, Germany and United Arab Emirates, the insurance certificate must be issued before 2:00 am on 31 January 2020 (Hong Kong time);
• for other countries or regions which are later confirmed by the WHO as infected countries or regions (based on the WHO epidemic surveillance report), the insurance certificate must be issued before its publication.

4. If I buy travel insurance now, the destination is an infected country or region, will it be covered?
In this case, only the Cancellation Charges Benefit and Curtailment of Trip Benefit are not covered, and other protections, such as medical expenses and loss of baggage, are still covered.

5. Request cancellation of travel insurance and refund of premiums
Generally speaking, once the travel insurance is approved, the premiums paid cannot be returned.

6. My trip has been cancelled due to a country or region has announced that it has refused entry to China or Hong Kong. Can I apply for Cancellation Charges Benefit?
Such cancellation of trip is not covered in our Cancellation Charges Benefit.  Unless the destination of your trip has been declared by WHO as an infected country or region of Novel Coronavirus, then the Cancellation Charges Benefit is entitled.

For further enquiry regarding the coverage, please call our 24-hour Service Hotline 3123 3123.

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