With a comprehensive range of features, you can rely on the eServices app for most of your insurance needs. FWD has integrated a plethora of information in this customised, simple-to-use interface. The key features of our app include the following:

Policy enquiry

As a FWD policyholder, you can access information of your policies* through a single, streamlined account. Having all relevant information in one place makes policy management much easier.

*Accessible policies include individual & group life insurance, individual general insurance, group medical insurance and MPF.

Self-service centre

By using the ‘Self-Service Centre’ function in the eServices app, you can perform easy transactions like updating your contact information or switching investment choices, etc.

Clinic and hospital search

Have a medical emergency? Find the location and contact details of nearby doctors through our app. The ‘Clinic and Hospital Search’ function provides the map, directions, addresses and phone numbers of all clinics and hospitals in Hong Kong.

FWD group medical insurance customers are also able to search for nearby network doctors, including general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists, etc.

Claim submission

FWD customers can submit claims through the eServices app quickly and securely.

Live Chat

Chat with our Customer Engagement Representatives in real-time from anywhere anytime.

24-hour Service Hotline

24-hour Service Hotline