Every company is unique in its operation, regardless of its size or industry type. Benefit from the right protection plan from our range of business packages, from office insurance to marine cargo and engineering, which can be tailored to match your specific needs and budget.

Office Insurance

Stay focused on your business growth with our Office Insurance, where coverage includes five essential business insurance sections specifically tailored for your office. Our basic plan covers office contents along with increased cost of working due to business interruption, loss of money, and public liability. Choose the optional loss of income and employees’ compensation coverage to give you an all-round protection.

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Business Pack Insurance

Offices in factories, industrial buildings and retail shops will relish the security with our Business Pack Insurance that provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. The package insures your business against money loss, theft and public liability. You have an option to choose cover for employees’ compensation too.

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Property Insurance

Dare to take on more and make bigger gains when you have comprehensive protection for all your office property. We cover almost everything, even if it’s not yours – the landlord’s fittings and fixtures, or even your employees’ belongings. Mother Nature acting up? FWD insures against damage caused by fire, flood, typhoon and explosion. Don’t lose sleep over theft or loss as we protect your assets, including trade samples or stock during shipping, delivery or storage. Get a new version of what you lose with our new-for-old replacement policy.

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Liability Insurance

Cover all your bases with our Public Liability Insurance. Legal liability may arise towards third parties like customers, so it pays to have some backup. We offer coverage and compensation for third parties in case of death, sickness or injury, and loss or damage to their property. You can choose a level of protection based on your business needs and no longer have to worry about legal issues with liability insurance protection. Liability cover is already included in our Office Insurance or Business Pack Insurance. It is also available for individual special event.

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Engineering Insurance

Keep those machines whirring and wheels turning with insurance for your business's machinery. Damage caused by collision, fire, theft or other accident won't keep you out of the game because we get you back in action fast. This policy covers replacement of damaged parts and the cost of getting them to you quickly, including freight charges, installation costs, customs dues and taxes. You can choose to cover different types of machinery used in all sorts of locations, including factories, warehouses and construction sites.

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Commercial Motor Insurance

Ride with peace of mind with our Commercial Motor Insurance coverage that keeps your fleet on the road. The risk of collision, fire and theft won’t slow your business down as we get your vehicles running again as soon as possible. Our plan covers your commercial vehicles in various capacities. Choose third-party coverage that protects you from legal liabilities for death or injury of third parties up to HK$100 million and damage to others’ property up to HK$1 million. Keep the motors running and business moving with FWD.

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Planes, trains, automobiles and ocean going vessels – get complete coverage for your cargo on any craft with our Marine Cargo Insurance. Choose from a variety of Institute Cargo Clauses depending on the type and combination of transport you prefer. Institute Cargo Clauses (A) and (Air) are the most comprehensive, taking into account everything from collision to natural disasters, while the optional War Risk coverage and Strike Risks coverage extensions cover unpredictable situations. The eCARGO system gets quotes to you instantly at all hours.

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Marine Hull Insurance

There is smooth sailing ahead when you have our Marine Hull Insurance. It covers loss or damage to your hull and machinery in case of collision, fire, theft or other accidental maritime losses. Flexibility of the plan allows you to insure one boat or a whole fleet of any craft used for commercial purposes, from barges to sampans. Your liability is covered in the case of a collision involving damage to others’ cargo. With quick quotations and a turnaround time of just half a day to receive the Certificate of Insurance, you’ll be on the water in no time.

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