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FWD Drivamatics scores your driving skills and offers you rewards and cash rebate.

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Smart Drivers Awards

Score to Rewards

As long as you are a user of the FWD Drivamatics Mobile App, you can instantly enjoy a premium discount offer on motor insurance, and up to 10% discount if you fulfill a Total Average Score of 86 or above. Furthermore, you will receive a $200 gas cash voucher upon purchasing the insurance within 7 days after receiving your quote. Even if your motor insurance term has not yet expired, you can still enjoy your insurance plan effective in 6 months after purchase1.

MotorSmart Cash Rebate Award

If you purchase FWD MotorSmart Insurance and fulfill the particular driving scores, you can enjoy up to 30% of cash rebate on top of your NCD2.

FWD Drivamatics NCD Protector

FWD Drivamatics No Claim Discount Protector4 recognises your good driving history and rewards you with significant savings. You are automatically eligible for the FWD Drivamatics NCD Protector if your current NCD when purchasing or renewing a Comprehensive (Gold or Silver) MotorSmart policy reaches a minimum of 40%. As long as you are continuously insured by FWD, your total average score5 of the FWD Drivamatics app is 86 or above upon policy renewal and you have a 40%, 50% or 60% NCD, this will be protected regardless of the number of claims you make against your policy as the driver at the time of the event.。

Smart Drive Evaluation

FWD Drivamatics has driving behavioural features to identify your unique driving patterns. Precise calculations are made after an accumulated amount of miles and through five major features: safe speed, braking technique, driving focus, turning technique and stable driving.

Driving Stability
Braking Technique
Turning Technique
Safe Speed

Drive Smarter, Earn Better

FWD Drivamatics not only improves your driving skills, but also allows you to enjoy up to 30% cash rebate on top of your No Claim Discount (NCD) via Motorsmart Award, encouraging good driving habits and easing your insurance expenses.

Drivers' Ranking Chart

Interact with friends through social media and compare rankings within your driving community and enhance your experience.

Analyse and enhance your performance behind the wheel to enjoy MotorSmart Rewards!

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  1. Users must obtain the quotation and complete the application via telephone hotline in order to enjoy the offers above. FWD is not the service provider of the gasoline coupon and will not accept any liability in relation to the gasoline coupon. The terms of use and validity of the gasoline coupon will be as determined by the service provider. Any dispute should be made to the service provider directly.
  2. The cash rebate will be governed by its terms and conditions. The rebate will be calculated according to the amount of the total premiums paid for the MotorSmart insurance plan, driving scores and travel distance for that policy year and will be paid after the expiry of such policy year. For the details of MotorSmart Award, please visit https://i.fwd.com.hk/en/motor-insurance and refer to the relevant Terms & Conditions.
  3. All logistics for this event, including driver enrollment, sequence of drivers, event activities, confirmation of drivers' eligibility, driving route, eligibility of the special gifts etc, are decided by Honest Motor Limited ("Honest"). FWD will not accept any liability in relation to the arrangement of the event. Any dispute should be made to Honest directly.
  4. Eligibility for the FWD Drivamatics NCD Protector does not mean that FWD will accept or offer renewal terms, or that FWD may not change the terms of any renewal. The FWD Drivamatics NCD Protector will be lost if your motor vehicle is involved in an accident and you are not the driver at the time of the event.
  5. The FWD Drivamatics score needs to be calculated from at least 300 km, 20 journeys and 10 hours of driving.

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