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FWD Drivamatics scores your driving skills and offers you rewards and cash rebate.

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Smart Drivers Awards

Pacific Coffee Vouchers

Get a MotorSmart quote during the Promotion Period via our service hotline, and earn a Pacific Coffee voucher in FWD Drivamatics mobile app1,7,8.

Gasoline Coupons and
Premium Discounts

Get insured with MotorSmart during the promotion period to enjoy a 15% instant premium discount, and earn gasoline coupons up to $1,000. The discount is valid for 180 days after receiving the quote2,3,4.

「MotorSmart」Cash Rebate

Purchase FWD MotorSmart Insurance and reach a specified FWD Drivamatics score and enjoy up to 30% of cash rebate 3 along with your NCD 3.

FWD Drivamatics NCD Protector

FWD Drivamatics No Claim Discount Protector4 recognises your good driving history and rewards you with significant savings. You are automatically eligible for the FWD Drivamatics NCD Protector if your current NCD when purchasing or renewing a Comprehensive (Gold or Silver) MotorSmart policy reaches a minimum of 40%. As long as you are continuously insured by FWD, your total average score5 of the FWD Drivamatics app is 86 or above upon policy renewal and you have a 40%, 50% or 60% NCD, this will be protected regardless of the number of claims you make against your policy as the driver at the time of the event.。

Smart Drive Evaluation

FWD Drivamatics has driving behavioural features to identify your unique driving patterns. Precise calculations are made after an accumulated amount of miles and through five major features: safe speed, braking technique, driving focus, turning technique and stable driving.

Driving Stability
Braking Technique
Turning Technique
Safe Speed

Drive Smarter, Earn Better

FWD Drivamatics not only improves your driving skills, but also allows you to enjoy up to 30% cash rebate on top of your No Claim Discount (NCD) via Motorsmart Award, encouraging good driving habits and easing your insurance expenses.

Drivers' Ranking Chart

Interact with friends through social media and compare rankings within your driving community and enhance your experience.

Analyse and enhance your performance behind the wheel to enjoy MotorSmart Rewards!

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  1. The promotion period is from 28 May 2018 to 28 August 2018 (both dates inclusive) (“the Promotion Period”). FWD Drivamatics mobile app users must supply a mobile contact number when getting a quote through our service hotline 3123 3123. The supplied mobile number must be identical to the mobile number registered in your FWD Drivamatics mobile app. Users may redeem a Pacific Coffee 8oz coffee electronic voucher through FWD Drivamatics mobile app once your mobile number has been verified. Vouchers are subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.
  2. Besides coffee voucher, within the Promotion Period, customers can as well enjoy a 15% discount on MotorSmart Insurance (“Designated Product”) quotes through our service hotline 3123 3123. The customers can enjoy the discount upon the successful application of the MotorSmart within 180 days of the receipt of the quote. The customers are also entitled to the gasoline vouchers upon the successful application of the MotorSmart through our service hotline and the registration as Drivamatics user during the Promotion Period (“Eligible Customers”) after the Policy is issued.
    Total of Premium (after Discount) and Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Hong Kong levy Entitled Gasoline Discount Coupon (HKD)
    $8,001 or above $1,000
    $5,001 - $8,000 $800
    $3,001 - $5,000 $500 
    $5,001 - $8,000 $800 
    $3,000or below $300
    Third Party
    Total of Premium (after Discount) and Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Hong Kong levy Entitled Gasoline Discount Coupon (HKD)
    Any Premium $200
    For further information regarding Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Hong Kong levy, please visit http://www.mibhk.com.hk/eng/index.php or contact our 24-hour Service Hotline at 3123 3123.
  3. The cash rebate is subject to terms and conditions. The cash rebate is calculated according to the amount of net premiums for that policy year, driving distance, and driving score. The cash rebate will be paid after the expiry of the policy. For more details on “MotorSmart Award”, please visit https://i.fwd.com.hk/tc/motor-insurancefor terms and conditions.
  4. Eligible Customers will receive SMS notification within 30 days after issue of Policy regarding the collection of the Gasoline Discount Voucher at the Insurance Solutions Centre.
  5. The premium above-mentioned does not include insurance levy to be collected by the Insurance Authority. Insurance levy is calculated based on the premium after discount. For further information, please visit http://www.fwd.com.hk/en/insurance-levy or contact our 24-hour Service Hotline at 3123 3123.
  6. The application date of Designated Product is based on the record of FWD General Insurance Company Limited (“FWD”).
  7. This offer cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged for other promotion offers or products and the relevant voucher will not be re-issued if lost or damaged.
  8. FWD is not the service provider of the coffee voucher and gasoline voucher and will not accept any liability in relation to the gasoline voucher. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the coffee voucher and gasoline voucher for details. The terms of use and validity will be as determined by the service provider. Any dispute should be made to the service provider directly.
  9. If the Eligible Customers cancel the policy of the Designated Product within 6 months from the policy issue date, FWD reserves the right to deduct the amount of gasoline discount vouchers offered from the Refund Premium without prior notice (for details of Refund Premium, please refer to the policy provision).
  10. Designated Product is subject to its terms and conditions. For details, please refer to https://i.fwd.com.hk/tc/motor-insurance. FWD is authorized by the Insurance Authority to carry on insurance business in Hong Kong. FWD reserves the right to reject any application for Designated Product, and its decision in relation to disputes that may arise from this Promotion will be final and conclusive.
  11. Should any dispute arise, the decision of FWD and the service provider shall be final and conclusive.
  12. In the event of any discrepancy between Chinese and English versions of this terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

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