August 2016

Geared to go!

Wearing a helmet is a basic safety precaution, and not merely for looking cool. Similarly, a comprehensive critical illness protection is also essential for you to enjoy your everyday life worry-free. To shield you from potential health crisis, we launched a new critical illness plan “Crisis XDefender”, which features high protection, high added value and high return, in addition to the basic coverage of Crisis and Special Disease:

High protection
  • Additional 50% Crisis or Death Benefit
  • Special protection for newborn babies
  • Multiple safety nets for designated crises
High added value
  • Special rehabilitation support on your road to recovery
  • Tailor-made rehabilitation program is offered
  • Professional one-stop health coaching service
High return
  • High expected total return

Promotional offer: From now to 30 September 2016

Two-month premiums can be waived upon purchasing Crisis XDefender within the above promotional period! Click here to get more information.

What are you waiting for? Gear up to go now!

*Product features and promotional offer are subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to the product brochure, policy provisions and promotional flyer or contact your adviser for more details.  

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