July 2016

Wait-free surprises

Not only do we empower you to “Live For Now” with our protection, we also apply this concept in your daily lives.  Previously, we created the “long-awaited Map” online game, which took some popular, everyday activities that usually take lots of waiting, such as trying food from a popular restaurant, going to a concert, or treating your family to a buffet, and turned them into instant rewards or experiences, giving winners a “wait-free surprise”. 

Aside from that, we interviewed various celebrities to send you the message of “Live For Now” through their can-do attitude towards completing personal goals.

Supper Moment, a local band

Sukie Chung, a singer

ChoChukMo, a local band

Daniel, a travel blogger

The video clips have already been released on FWD Hong Kong and Macau Facebook page! Be sure to click like, and watch out for more future news from us!

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