April 2016

Get Savie Online

Have your say on saving with Savie Insurance Plan! Choose how to apply, when to make contributions and when to withdraw money, your way!

Starting April, you can apply for Savie One-off Plan online. Just fill out an online Financial Need Analysis (FNA) form and proceed to the application process immediately. You may also contact us for more product information via our website’s  LIVE CHAT channel or choose to complete the FNA and application process offline at our Customer Service Centre.

The Savie One-off Plan offers guaranteed annual crediting interest rates of up to 3% for the first three years, and you can withdraw the account value from your policy with no charges at any time. It also provides a death benefit of 105% of your account value and a further accidental death benefit equivalent to 100% of the account value until age 70. You can also make a contribution on a monthly basis, according to your need.

Savie is unbeatable, isn’t it? Rap along with local hip-hop group FAMA and find out more!

Click here to save your way!

For more details, please refer to the product brochure and policy terms.

*Online application is applicable to the one-off plan only. 

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