October 2015

Travel insurance: Annual vs single-trip  

Travel insurance nowadays is not simply an extra protection, but almost a necessity for travellers. If you are an avid traveller or have frequent business trips, have you thought about buying annual travel insurance? Let’s check out the differences between annual and single-trip travel insurance before you make a decision!

Different duration limits

The scope of coverage for both annual and single-trip insurance is similar. For example, both cover medical expenses, baggage loss or travel delay. Some insurance plans even include “rental vehicle excess protection” (i.e. the insured can be reimbursed the excess of claims for the rental car motor insurance) or golfer “hole-in-one” coverage. The major differences between the two types are the number of days covered and the maximum duration of each trip. 

Days of coverage 
Maximum duration of each trip
Annual travel insurance
The whole year 
(no limits to the number of trips)
90 days
Single-trip travel insurance 
One-off travel period
180 days

​Annual plan: Smart choice for frequent travellers or business travellers

Before making any purchase decision, be sure to study your travel habit. If you only go on short trips once or twice during the year, single-trip travel insurance will be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, annual travel insurance is more suitable for frequent travellers (such as full-time travel bloggers) or business travellers. For example, if you need to be out of town at least 3 to 4 days every month, the total expense of purchasing single-trip travel insurance will be nearly equal to, or even higher than, the cost of annual travel insurance. Surely you know which to choose!

For frequent business travellers, annual travel insurance saves more money and time.

Annual travel insurance fits well with the spontaneous changes to your travel plans.

Saves effort and covers even your excursions

Another advantage of annual travel insurance is that it saves the effort of purchasing travel insurance for every single journey, which is time-consuming and troublesome especially for busy business professionals. Besides, if you are used to decide on your itinerary at the last minute, having annual travel insurance in hand can enable you to modify your travel plans hassle-free as all trips within 90 days are covered.

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for excursions to the Mainland or Macau!

Travel habits aside, another noteworthy point is that few people buy travel insurance for short weekend excursions to the Mainland or Macau. Annual travel insurance can cover all those trips, which means you can enjoy a worry-free journey whenever you want.

Whether single-trip or annual travel insurance suits you better, you can now apply for either of them with just a few clicks at the FWD online purchase platform. Click here to learn more!

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