October 2015

Crisis VCover – a total critical illness protection solution

We always believe that critical illnesses can be faced with ease when there is proper preparation and protection. Therefore, we are pleased to launch Crisis VCover (the “Plan”), a new critical illness protection solution that gets you covered from the stage of prevention of diseases, getting doctor’s referral and claiming critical illness protection, to receiving post-treatment care and multiple crisis coverage!

Prevention of diseases 

From the second policy anniversary, the Plan provides Health Screening Benefit once every two policy years. You can freely choose the most suitable health screening items and discover any possible illnesses in an early stage.

Doctor's referral services

If you suspect that you may be suffering from any serious diseases, doctors from Crisis VCover – THE ONEcierge One Team Health Management can provide a detailed check-up for this. If necessary, they will arrange confinement and claims procedure, allowing you to focus on your health and treatment.

如果驗身後懷疑患上任何嚴重疾病,危疾全攻略 – 臻一優才醫護管理團隊可提供詳細檢查。如有需要,更會安排入院及索償手續,讓您安心接受治療。

Critical illness protection

In case of major crises, serious diseases or juvenile diseases, the Plan will provide the respective Crisis Benefit for handling financial needs, such as treatment costs and family expenditures.

What’s more, if the Major Crisis diagnosed is lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer or prostate cancer, which are the four common types of cancer, the Plan will offer Additional Benefit equal to 25% of the Initial Sum Insured.

Besides, additional 35% of Initial Sum Insured will be payable if the insured is diagnosed with any Major Crisis or passes away within the first 10 policy years.

Post-treatment care

If Crisis Benefit for Major Crises is payable for the first cancer, heart attack or stroke, the Plan will offer a Life Enrichment Program, which includes psychological consultation, nutritional therapy, and such to help you speed up your recovery.

The Plan will also provide a monthly Health Supplement Benefit, an extra benefit equal to 2% of Initial Sum Insured, for a maximum of six months, when Crisis Benefit for Major Crises is payable. Then you can have more capital for healthcare to accelerate your recovery.

Multiple crisis coverage

All the diseases covered by the Plan are divided into cancer and non-cancer group only, which can offer a flexible crisis protection. Such simple categorisation, with the maximum of 700% of Initial Sum Insured as Multiple Crisis Benefit, the Plan can provide a strong protection net to you.

Promotional offer

Apply for “Crisis VCover” from now until 30 November 2015 to enjoy one‐month premium rebate, with maximum rebate amount of up to HK$30,000! 

For details, please contact your adviser or click here.

* The above information is for reference only and is indicative of the key features of the Plan. For a complete explanation of the terms and conditions, please refer to the product brochure or policy provisions.

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