April 2015

Before setting off for your working holiday…

Thinking about embarking on a working holiday abroad like many others are doing? It is most definitely going to be a memorable experience full of challenges and surprises. You deserve peace of mind if you are well prepared for the journey. Here is one thing that you should not overlook – an insurance coverage especially designed for a working holiday.

Test yourself as to how far you understand “Working Holiday Insurance”:

Can travel insurance substitute for working holiday insurance?

No. Travel insurance covers a limited period, normally ranging from 60 days to 90 days. Even an annual travel insurance plan has an upper limit on the number of days of a single trip. By contrast, working holiday insurance can meet the needs of those heading to travel and work abroad for up to a year and provide protection all the way.

Will temporary employment overseas be covered?

Sure. Working holiday insurance provides coverage for temporary employment, including manual work in farms, restaurants, and even tourism and service industries. Nevertheless, you should choose a job that suits your own capability to avoid undesired injuries.

What is “Income Cash Allowance”?

This is a special feature in FWD’s working holiday insurance that protects the insured from unforeseeable loss of income. For example, in case of hospitalisation due to accidents or wage default by employer, the insured may get income cash allowance as a backup.

Are all leisure activities covered?

It is ideal to work hard and play hard during your trips! However, you should check whether some leisure activities, especially those with high risks like bungee jumping, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, and scuba diving are covered. 

Will trips to nearby countries during working holiday be covered?

If you plan to travel to neighbouring countries of your working holiday destination, you need to double check if the insurance covers those countries as well.

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