February 2015

Changed job? Make a move for your MPF too!

Peter was glad to receive his double pay and bonus, and even happier when he received a call from the recruitment agency about a new job offer.

It was only after several changes when Peter started to recognise that all the jobs he got these years had actually brought him more than what he expected – a pile of MPF statements. He cannot even recall how many accounts he has had, not to mention some “missing” accounts with which he forgot to update his mailing address and the total amount of MPF benefits he has.

Consolidate for better management

Do you have an experience similar with Peter’s? Indeed, a move in your career will also bring you a new MPF account under your new employer. Without consolidating the accounts after several changes, you may find it hard to count the number of accounts and your aggregate MPF asset. This will probably turn out to be a tedious experience when you want to manage all your MPF accounts, especially when you want to switch funds to catch an investment opportunity, or when you need to go through all the statements. 

Consolidating MPF accounts is not as complicated as you think. All you need to do is choose an MPF scheme that fits your needs and fill out the required forms. 

Pick a suitable MPF scheme for yourself and contact your adviser for enquiry now!

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