February 2015

Besides getting a flu shot…

The flu outbreak in Hong Kong this winter was quite tough, with more severe cases reported and more people hospitalised. Apart from vaccination, what else might help?

A healthy lifestyle, which includes good personal and environmental hygiene, adequate rest and regular exercise, surely helps to keep flu at bay. Besides, an adequate medical insurance coverage can give you and your family peace of mind if you need to consult a doctor. 

Offsetting hospital expenses

Most medical insurance plans in Hong Kong cover costs for hospitalisation due to flu and other seasonal pandemics, helping the insured to offset some of the expenses even if they need to be treated in a private hospital. Some plans even provide an extended coverage in the form of hospital cash so that the insured can receive a daily allowance if he or she is being quarantined in public hospitals.

Furthermore, most medical plans typically come with a “waiting period” (normally 30 days, depending on the plan’s terms). This means the insured cannot make a claim from the new policy within the waiting period even when he or she is already suffering from an illness. Therefore, it would be better to enrol in a medical insurance plan earlier to give yourself better protection.

Stay healthy, take care and seek treatment promptly!

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